Andrew Young

civil rights movement

Early Days

The inspiring Andrew Young himself was born on March 12, 1932 in New Orleans Louisianan. His parents both had a decent jobs. Andrew's father was a dentist and his mother was a teacher. Growing up in Georgia the problems were fixing / arranging the problem and solution with blacks and whites. Also the rights to vote. Therefore he had to be a part of the civil rights movement and groups that helped with the conflict.

Beginning the movement into the civil rights:

~focused on voter registration drives

~1961 left his job and started to work for the SCLC

~organized "citizenship schools"

~taking part in non violent protest

~became good friends with the Martin Luther King jr

~Demonstrations and voter restoration campaigns through out the south

Beginning in Young's political career:

~began in 1972

~elected as Georgia's first African american congressmen

~1977 , Jimmy carter elected him ambassador to the united nations

~resigned in 1979

Young's life as mayor:

~elected mayor in 1981

~he was instrumental to the city's growth

~left office in 1989

~continued to work by serving as co-chair of Georgia's 1996 Olympics

In summary...

Overall young was born into a pretty rough lifestyle but became a important roll and successful political leader! Young always thought of the rights for everyone as a whole and supported the new south. Today he works as a consultant for many international organizations. He is 84 and still a part of today and future history.

Civil Rights movement

The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality

~nearly 100 years after the emancipation proclamation

~un equal world of disfranchisement, segregation, and various forms of depression including race inspired violence

~created the jim crow laws during the movement

~in 1965 the voting rights act was created

~soon after the civil rights act of 1968 was created

Important people during the movement

~ Martin Luther King jr

~ Rosa parks

~ Malcolm x

~ Andrew Goodman

~ Andrew young