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Antonio Vivaldi was born March 4 1678 in Venice He was had a medical condition asthma but that did not stop him to be a composer. At age 15 he began to study priest he also learned how to play the violin. He also work at ospedale Della Pieta hospital of Mercy in 1703
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1500 century Venice was "danger of death" so lot of kid dead by 2 month. Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice he had to be immediately baptized at home. During Vivaldi time there was a population of 150,000. Venice is a city built on water with canels instead of street. It was a city with splendid churches, grandiose places, and beautiful thearter.
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Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

four season

Vivaldi wrote 4 season. each sonnet describe each season. the sonnet was a very tricky poem to write. the song has certain beat in each line a specific rhyme scheme and it must be exactly fourteen line song .

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Vivaldi legacy

Vivaldi music is legendary his song been around for 400 year and it still famous today.He inspired many people with his music. The Four season has been TV advertisement in background music and in films. He help woman's play in orchestra that impact a lot in the future. We remembered Vivaldi as write the largest number.


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