Cost of pursuing a dream


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What is Purpose?

According to google purpose means "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists". In pursuing a dream there are a lot of sacrifices that is to be made, but these certian few examples presented gave up purpose as a cost of pursuing the "American Dream"

Adolf Hitler is now worldly known as one of the most world most cunning, cruel, and intelligent man to live. But he hadn’t been born a dictator; he hadn’t been born wanting to death or cruelty. In fact in his younger ages he was knows as confident and outgoing a funny guy, actually. His dream and purpose in life was to be an artist, but his father refused wanting his son to follow in the footsteps of himself. His father sent him off to a secondary school named Realscule in Linz. But Hitler was determined to do poorly thinking that maybe if his father would see how badly he did he would let him pursue his real dream. As he started to go to the school he developed a strong perspective of politics relating to Germany at a very young age. It is from here the passion to his country and the drive had begun to grow. The need and greed for power had his completely forgetting his original purpose.

Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was eluded. He was eluded in thinking that he thought his purpose in life was to achieve the green light-achieve Daisy Buchanan. He had tried to get Nick to “invite Daisy to [his] house” (Fitzgerald 51), so that Gatsby would get a chance to talk and spend time with the “love” of his life. His main purpose in his life was to achieve true love which in turn will give him happiness, but the Daisy in his head was very different from the woman that he had in front of him. Thus came a thirst to make her into something that she was not. In doing so he lost his real purpose (which was to find true love and happiness) and in turn he had spent his life trying to turn Daisy into that perfect love which would give him the satisfaction he needed.

Also basketball for example, of course the goal for every basketball player is to win the NBA championship, all the while the team owners and coaches use players in the best possible way to accomplish being the league’s best team. In the 2010 free agency, LeBron James was in the center of attention and searching for a new team. His teammate (as of now), Dwayne Wade was also presented with the same opportunity to sign with another team within the 2010 free agency period. As James ultimately signed with the Miami Heat, this meant that Wade would lose his power he had previously before James signed with the Miami Heat team. Wade had always been the centerpiece of the Heat leading them to win the NBA championship in 2006. However, Wade’s injuries and the team’s recent struggles led to the signing of superstar LeBron James in the free agency of 2010. Wade had many opportunities during the 2010 free agency to remain his status as a superstar with possibly another team. For example, the Chicago Bulls offered Wade a deal similar to what he ended up signing up with the Heat for. However, in order to reach his dreams of gaining another NBA championship, Wade sacrificed his purpose as the team’s leading scorer, ball handler, and ultimately the overall leader to LeBron James in order to reach his dreams. He sacrificed ultimate moments such as rare situations where the game would be on the line and instead of him taking the final shot to win it all at buzzer, James would. However, most importantly he realized and understood that in order to accomplish his dream he would have to sacrifice the original purpose he had on the team and accept a lower purpose ultimately aiding LeBron James.

Goldman Sachs began to rapidly progress within the financial sector of the United States and eventually to a global basis ever since its establishment in 1928. Nevertheless, the CEO and board members/trustees of this globally recognized and famed institution kept the goals to obtain money and wealth as a priority alongside living a quality and high-end lifestyle. The characteristics of greed presented them with the opportunity to sustain, foster, and ultimately accomplish this dream of acquiring large sums of personal money and wealth. However, the vice of greed also forced them to sacrifice their purpose and status within the respected corporation. No longer could they be respected and be valued as the CEO or board members of the globally recognized financial giant Goldman Sach’s. However ultimately in the end they sacrificed such a purposeful position and status given to only those capable and responsible within the corporation in order fulfill and satisfy their greed and dreams by drenching all capital that could be saved from the plummeting corporation for themselves before they walked out and never looked back once.

Finally as shown in the Inside Job as the financial aspect in the United States crashed, the CEO’s and board members ultimately walked away with millions of dollar and also with various bonuses which they picked up along the way. The purpose of these CEO’s and board members was to run and facilitate an institution with such high reputation, respect, and honor. However their personal dreams from a young age was perhaps to become wealthy and live a high quality of life possibly even being famous. These CEO’s and members fell into the clutches of greed and ultimately relinquished and sacrificed their purpose within the financial world in order to satisfy their dreams. They relinquished and gave up their prominent positions, status, and respect amongst society and the public to ultimately flee the crumbling companies with millions of dollars in hand.