Tiptons BBQ

Becca Triplett- Final Project/ Reflection

Describe your internship site. Give the name location, general surroundings and what products or services they offer.

Tiptons BBQ

1840 Winkler St, Wilkesboro, NC 28697
(336) 667-0669

Tiptons food is made to order, except for the salad bar.

Tiptons is also on a major highway with several restaurants surrounding it.

Famous for Lexington Style BBQ & BBQ Chicken

How are teamwork and collaboration utilized at your work site?

Teamwork is very important while having a job/ internship site. To get things done smoothly and correctly, everybody needs to get along and respect each other.

Explain how your experience at the internship will impact your high school and further education.

My experience at my internship will impact my high school and further education by giving me a "real world" experience and it shows me how the workplace environment is.

What different personalities have you encountered and how have you dealt with them?

I have met all kinds of people while working, when I get stuck in a situation and I am not really sure what to do, Ill always ask my manager Beth, but other than that if someone has a bad personality I just try my very best to stay positive and keep a smile on my face.

Discuss how you apply what you have learned or are learning in school to your internship.

Social Skills are VERY important while working with the public, and I think going to a public school helps people "come out of their shell" which helps with social skills.

Describe a situation when you were really frustrated and explain how you dealt with it. What did you learn?

On very busy days we will go on a "wait" to sit people because the kitchen gets backed up and overwhelmed. Once i encountered someone who got a bit rude because they didn't understand that just because their is an available seat doesn't mean that they get to be sat down. I explained to her politely that the servers and kitchen staff can get overwhelmed and that was the reason why their was a wait, and she calmed down.
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How has your view of life beyond high school changed or developed during your internship?

My view has changed during my internship because I get to see and experience how stressful it can be to be a manager in a restaurant.

Describe an activity or accomplishment in the internship that you are proud of. What did you learn from it?

I am proud of the compliments I get from customers about my positive attitude , some even leave me tips. What I learned from this was that people care and notice your personality.
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What qualities or characteristics do you see in the people around you that you want to develop in yourself?

The qualities I see in others around me and I would like to develop in myself is being better at taking criticism.

What strengths and liabilities do you bring to this experience? How will you make the most of your strengths and minimize your liabilities?

The strengths that I bring to my internship experience are social skills and dedication. My liabilities are money, food, keeping customers happy, and keeping the restaurant functioning smoothly.
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