Dot Day is Coming!

Please Help Us Celebrate International Dot Day!

What is Dot Day?

Dot Day is an international celebration inspired by Peter Reynolds's book The Dot. On Dot Day students, teachers and the community imagine the power and potential of a million people around the world connecting, collaborating, creating, and celebrating all that creativity inspires and invites.

On Wednesday, September 11, students and teachers at Lyman Elementary School will celebrate Dot Day by reading Peter Reynolds's The Dot and taking part in activities that celebrate how we can MAKE OUR MARK on the world.

Please visit our Dot Day sign up form here to reserve a time to help us celebrate Dot Day!

Connect the Dots

After we celebrate Dot Day students at Lyman Elementary School will CONNECT THE DOTS by video chatting with students all over the country to discuss how they can make their mark on the world. During the week of September 16, students will CONNECT THE DOTS with Ms. Gindi in library class.

Where Can You Learn More About Dot Day?

Interested in learning more about Dot Day? Please visit the International Dot Day website for classroom activities, and to join the Dot Club. Let's see how we all can MAKE OUR MARK!