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September 16, 2016

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Whale of a Job!!

Second Grade says "ARRRRR" with the read aloud How I Became a Pirate by David Shannon! So proud of your enthusiasm and I know the kids loved it!!

What Makes a Good School?

These characteristics make a school good:

1. Students Want to be There
Effective schools have a warm climate. Students feel welcome and know that the staff cares about them. Although there is pressure to perform, it comes in a way that promotes learning, with an expectation that students will excel and the support is provided to make it happen.

2.Highest Expectations For the School, Teachers and Students
Only the best is good enough. Quality is expected, and nothing less is acceptable. Passion for excellence is a driving force each and every day. A good school has an involved staff working together, pushing themselves and their students to be the best. Failure is not an option for the teacher or the students.

3. Dedicated Teachers
The best teachers work to improve their ability to teach. They read and explore the techniques used by others in a never-ending effort to better themselves and their skill. Effective teaching demands that the teacher be knowledgeable in the subject area. The teachers must have a detailed understanding of what is being taught.

4. Effective Discipline
Discipline should not be an issue. Students must respect others and failure to do so cannot be tolerated. Students must understand school and class rules and expectations, and adhere to them. When discipline is necessary, it is not vindictive, but just a consequence when a student does not do what is required.

5. There is a Variety of Instructional Techniques
No two classes, or two students are identical. An effective school has teachers that understand this and differ instruction to best help students be the successful. Key concepts are presented in ways to enable visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners grasp it. Students are actively involved in learning with a variety of opportunities to grasp key concepts.

6. Individualized Instruction and Approaches to Students
Students’ abilities and needs are different. To effectively teach all students, the school staff must understand this. The teaching and interactions with students must reflect the needs of each, with the understanding of each as an individuals.

7. Leadership
The building principal must have the respect of students, parents, and staff with a vision, high expectations, and the ability to help others succeed. This person must be able to understand people, and motivate them, creating a positive attitude throughout the building. Successful schools have a sense of trust built on the back of an honest and caring leader.

We've come a long way baby!

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Endangered Species of the Month

Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricate)

Found in the tropical regions of all the world’s oceans, gulfs and seas. This Hawksbill Turtle’s population has been estimated to have declined by 80% over the last century. Known to be a subject of heavy trafficking in the tourist trade in tropical regions for its meat and shells.

Questions to Ponder

What are tropical regions?

What are some other types of animals that live in tropical regions?


We will continue for the next couple of weeks to concentrate on Dimension 3.1-Classroom Environment, Routines, and Procedures. As I visit classrooms, I am proud to see the use of anchor charts, evident procedures for stations and learner centered environments.

If learners weren't required to come to your class, would they? Ask yourself this difficult but honest question: Is there joy in the journey we are taking together? It's one of the most difficult tasks in teaching, because it asks us to consider the learner as a part of our community, rather than just a mind to fill. Asking this question—and responding to the answer—requires a combination of flexibility, humor, and the ability to try new things, fail, and laugh when things work out ... and when they don't.

Vocabulary Word of The Week

Echo-A sound that gets softer as it repeats is an echo.

After I yelled down to the hikers at the bottom of the canyon, the echo of my voice came back: "Hello...hello...hello..."

Character Word of the Month

Trustworthy-Be honest and true to your feelings. Don't deceive, cheat or steal. Do what you say you will do. Build a good reputation and learn how to handle your emotions.

Whose That Lion?

First Grade-Amani Taylor (Ms. Hewitt)

Second Grade-Brandon Renteria (Ms. Kotwitz)

Upcoming Dates!

September 19-23 Ms. Fidler's Class for Morning Announcements

September 16-Data Entered into Spreadsheet

September 12-23-Walkthroughs on Dimension 3.1-Classroom Environment, Routines and Procedures

September 12-23-Annual Vision/Hearing Screening for First Grade

September 21-PLC Data Meetings During Conference

September 19-Lawson, Williams, Fidler, Lowder, Cummings, Canady-Math Workshop

September 19-Sunshine Committee Meeting (Mohr)

September 20-Academic Incentive Commitee (Mohr)

September 21-Staff Meeting

September 21-Parent Involvement Committee (Mohr)

September 22-GT Field Trip

September 26-Guided Reading & Tier Begins

September 26-28-Bus Safety During P.E.

Some classes have procedures down and are ready to proceed full speed ahead! You do not have to wait until the 26th if your class is ready!

September 30-PAWS Assembly

October 5-Fall Pictures

October 6-Sandra Weaver

Happy Birthday!!!

Claudia Henson 9/16

Kathy Allen 9/16

Stephanie Reeves 9/16

Blanca Pedroza 9/17

Owetta Carlisle 10/1

Zan Hewitt 10/3

Sue Knight 10/13