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News For August 31 - September 4

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DMS Staff Directory And Email's

This is the list of staff directory and emails at Daphne Middle School.

School News

MacBooks Are In!

The students were really excited to finally get their MacBooks. Especially the new students. Tuesday, 8th Graders received their MacBooks for school.

Wednesday, 7th Graders received theirs also.

Big thanks to Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Peak

New Principal!

Daphne Middle has a new principal this year, Mrs. Kalakheti!

She will be a wonderful new addition to this school and she hopes to hear all of our concerns and make the school better.

No Lockers?

That's right! This year DMS will not be using lockers anymore. This is for Daphne Middle School students' protection. This will prevent students from having illegal items such as weapons in their lockers. Also, MacBooks. The MacBook's items that could be stored in lockers, like textbooks, and worksheets, etc are now available the MacBooks. Students can use the MacBooks for most of their work, due to the online textbooks that are available.

Classroom News

7th Grade (7A):

Mrs. Lindsey: Students will be covering the characteristics of living things.

Mrs. Nettles- Global scholar, goal setting sheet, formative assessment on thematic statements.

Mrs. Smith (Advanced)- Quiz on Thursday

Mrs. Smith (Standard)- Quiz on Friday

7th Grade (7B):

Mrs. T. Taylor: Students will be starting the Standard English-Novel Project., and Pre-AP classes will start "Written In Bones".

Mr. Kinard: Vocabulary test on Chapter 1 Wednesday. Details are on Moodle.

Ms. Holt: Citzenship test on Monday and will be finished on Tuesday (on Moodle). Show what you know on Freedom Flix Wednesday, Explore more on Thursday, Current Event topic good deeds on Friday.

8th Grade (8A):

White: Students will take part in cooperative group acts. Chapter 1 Scientific Method vocabulary due Friday!

Boone: Prepare for Chapter 1. Algebra 1 Chapter 1 Test Wednesday.

Law: Students are studying the Holocaust, Anne Frank, and WWII.

8th Grade (8B):

Madison: Finishing up Holocaust web quest. About to start Diary of Anne Frank

Garafola:Pre Algebra- Rational numbers. Algebra 1- Multi step equations.

Larisey: Current Event due Thursday.

Not all classes are listed.


Peer Helpers: Peer Helpers will begin Intense Training this week.

21st Century Skills: Students will post QR codes for open house, and present their keynotes.

Home Economics: Test on Chapter 1, “You Are Unique” will be Wednesday. Students will begin lesson on manicures.

Art: Students will learn the style of Graffiti Art, and also generate their names on their MacBooks.

Career Tech: Hospitality and Tourism Travel Agent Project: Destination Research and Travel Campaign Commercial in iMovie

Club news

  • The Fleurettes!

    There is going to be a new Girls Service Club starting at Daphne Middle! The main objectives of this club is to work together to help the community and the school. To pick up an application go to Mrs. Schneider’s or Mrs. Nettles room. Applications are due September 4th.

  • FCCLA is opening up for new members! See Mrs. K. Taylor for details.
  • Yoga Club is having a meeting on Wednesday from 3:00 - 4:15 PM.
  • TSA is going to focus on vinyl cutting and photography. Applications are due Friday, September 11th. See Mrs. Schneider for details

1st Daphne Home Game for football!

On Thursday September 10 is Daphne Middle Schools first Daphne football game at the High School. Come and support your team. $7 admission.

Book Fair time!

The annual Daphne Middle School Book Fair is this Friday September 4. They will be selling books, posters, and many cool objects. Be sure to stop by and look at all there is to choose from!

Volleyball schedule

Big image

helpful Macbook shortcuts!

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These shortcuts will help students with their MacBooks.

Welcoming our Newest OCS Teacher!

Welcome to Daphne Middle School, Mr. Parent. Mr. Parent is our new OCS teacher. He is retired from the Air Force and is happy to be in Daphne Middle.

Mobile Symphony classes

Want to learn how to play the violin or cello? Then join Mobile Symphony today! They have classes once a week after school for 45 minutes. On the picture on the left, Juan from Mobile Symphony came to school Thursday and played for us. Interested? Go by the office to get a flyer.

New Equipment!

Daphne Middle has gotten new Equipment. Kids enjoy sitting on these new tables and chairs in the lobby. Great for study time. They replaced it with the art cases.