Britt Banner

February 25, 2016

Greetings to the Britt Elementary School Community!

First of all, please accept my sincere apologies, I did not meet my goal this week of publishing the Britt Banner on Monday. The last two weeks have been a challenging time continually striving to keep our Britt Community healthy by following specific directions from the Health Department. Please know that I am speaking from my heart when I tell you that I appreciate your diligence and extreme patience during the eight long days of altered procedures. You are an awesome team!

You are meeting with parents this week to share positive comments and to share academic concerns, as well as celebrations when appropriate. Thank you for the preparations you have made for these parent meetings. You are a very important part of the families in our community. Your good work is applauded and discussed around dinner tables and at sporting events. That is why the good words you have to say about parents' most precious possessions and your suggestions to help their child improve academically are profound. Please do not hesitate to contact an administrator should you need our support for meetings.

As a reminder to teachers, you should walk at the back of your line of students as transitions are made through the hallways. Students may serve as line leaders, and you can then observe the behaviors of all of your students as they transition through the hallways. Also, remember to lock your classroom door when you leave your room. Your attention to these matters is appreciated..

Let me know how I can best support your good work at Britt Elementary School as we all strive together using effective, innovative practices to transform and personalize teaching and learning.

With warmest regards,


Britt Elementary School, going strong in 2016!

Thank you!

  • Terry O'Toole, we could not have survived the last few weeks without your calm, sweet, diligent spirit while taking care of each child who visited the Britt clinic. Your kindness while assisting parents is also appreciated. You have earned the love and admiration of the entire Britt Community!
  • Thank you to Maria, Brenda, Karen, Dianne, Melissa, Deborah, and Sandy for assisting with students and parents and for being flexible to manage critical needs while continuing with your good work. What an awesome team!
  • A HUGE thank you to Dragica, Norman, and Nura for their excellent custodial work, spending many hours of over time to sanitize the Britt facility! When asked, thank you for always saying, "Yes, we can help you with that."
  • Thank you to the entire Britt Community for your good work and for your patience during the past weeks! You are the best!
  • Voting will take place in the Britt Elementary school cafeteria next week during Super Tuesday! Therefore, it is necessary for students to eat in their classrooms next Tuesday. An email will come to you detailing specific directions.
  • Note: Tuesday morning's faculty meeting will begin at 8:00 AM instead of 7:30 AM. I hope this will allow you time to vote early if you prefer that to voting after school.
  • The first five folks to email Dianne will receive jeans coupons. Enjoy a wonderful day!