Second Grade News You Can Use

May 9-13, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Graham

We are days away from having third graders! The growth I've witnessed is amazing. I'm so proud of this class for many reasons. They have soared as readers taking off with their AR goals. Addition and subtraction of three digit numbers is mastered. They have learned more about being compassionate and are practicing being people who see the needs of others and do what they can to meet those needs. Thinking of others before themselves shows their maturity. This is the time of year I become nostalgic and think, "How can I let them go?" But that is exactly what needs to happen. They are ready. It is just bittersweet. I will do my best to make these last few days in second grade count instead of just counting the days.

In regard to Teacher Appreciation Week, thank you all very much for your part in making last week special for me and my co-workers. Everyday we looked forward to the wonderful breakfast or lunch you provided. I have to say the Crumb de la Crumb vanilla bean lemonade was my favorite treat all week. I will continue to enjoy some special meals and shopping trips thanks to you, as well. My family and I are so blessed to be a part of this Nashville Christian School community. Thank you for honoring us this week.

A Note From Mrs. Greenlee

May Craft Club

Hello NCS Families! The last Craft Club of the year will take place on from . To celebrate Summer, we will be doing all Ocean crafts. If you would like to sign your child up for one of the 20 spots, please email me and make your $15 payment by . ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THIS TIME in order to give me time to purchase supplies. Thanks!

Mrs. Greenlee


Animal Projects: We have researched, made an Educreation App slide show, and are now completing the writing phase of this project. We will be sharing our slide shows with the Fifth graders who helped us learn how to research using Safari and how to create slideshows on Educreations. We have had fun and learned a great deal working with them. Depending on their schedule, we will share the slide shows one day this week. I will be sending each family a link to view your child's presentation.

AR: The deadline is May 18th.

Library: All library books are due on May 18th.

Testing: We will be taking our final STAR test on Tuesday. A good night's sleep Monday night will help your child do his or her best. A good breakfast and encouraging words would also be helpful.


Geometry has been and continues to be our focus. In this chapter, we have learned the names and characteristics of 3 dimensional shapes and 2 dimensional shapes. We are also currently introducing fractions of a whole. There will be a test on Geometry concepts by the middle of the week.

Data and chart reading will be the next math focus.


Life-Cycles: Our butterflies were released Friday, April 29th. Our tadpoles are turning into frogs. In fact, one of them is hanging out on the top of the rock in the habitat instead of just swimming around. We only see two of them though, and we started with four. One was removed by me as it had perished. The other one just disappeared.

Earth Science: Since our day at 4-H camp, our interest in rocks and minerals has peaked. We spent some time learning about sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks last week. On service day, we found quite a few fossils at Mrs. Stone's house (Seriously and ironically, her name is Mizella Stone). She allowed us to take a few back to school with us. We are enjoying collecting and studying the rocks around us.

Animal Projects: Some new words we have learned during this project: habitats, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, adaptations, predators/prey, Apex predators, food chains and food webs. Some of us have also learned new landforms such as savannas, swamps, and scrub forests as they researched habitats.


There may be additions, but here is what I know as of now.

5/14 Pool Party at Ethan's Grandparent's House

5/17 Parent Preview Night

5/18 AR Deadline @ 3;00, All library books due, School Supply Forms and $ due for the 2016/17 school year if you want us to purchase supplies.

5/19 Field Day

5/20 AR field trip for the 4th nine weeks and Honors Pep Rally

5/22 Kindergarten Graduation

5/23 AR field trip to Sonic and McKays for those who reached their AR goals all year

Yearbook Signing Party

5/24 Our end of the year party will be at school. Parents are welcome! More details to come.

5/25 Awards Day begins at 10:00. Dismissal is at 10:45.