Significant Statistical Findings in Germany and USA

Germany's Diet

Dairy: milk, fruit yogurt, yogurt, whipping cream, butter, hard cheese, banana split ice cream

Meat, Fish, and Eggs: beef, goulash beef, eggs, cold cuts, frozen fish sticks, bacon, canned herring fillet

Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts: oranges, apples, yellow bananas, cherry tomatoes, frozen green peas, yellow onions, cucumbers, butter lettuce, iceberg lettuce, fennel root, sour pickles, arugula, leeks, mushrooms, radishes, red bell peppers, carrots, yellow bell peppers, pickled peppers, green onions, garlic

Condiments: extra-virgin olive oil, 1,000 island dressing, mustard, ketchup, sea salt, lard, powdered sugar, margarine, paprika, black peppercorns, balsamic vinegar

Fast Food: none

Beverages: soda, alcohol free beer, fruit juice, red wine, beer, malt beer, orange juice, espresso, fruit tea, black tea, tap water

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America's Diet

Dairy: milk, danimals strawberry banana, blueberry yogurt, cheese, cheese string

Meat, Fish, and Eggs: jumbo eggs, rotisserie chicken, chicken thigh fillets, frozen fish sticks, turkey breast, frozen shrimp, tyson fun chicken nuggets

Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts: grapefruit, bananas, granny smith apples, green grapes, strawberries, key limes, red apples, avocados, tomato sauce, canned green beans, frozen corn, tomatoes, pinto beans, iceberg lettuce, Italian salad mix, yellow onions, coleslaw, mini carrots, mushrooms, garlic, honey-roasted peanuts

Condiments: vegetable oil, BBQ sauce, coffee creamer, I can’t believe its not butter spread, lite syrup, ketchup, honey

Fast Food: McDonald's: Happy Meals, Mountain Blast ice cream drink, vanilla ice cream cone

Beverages: spring water, apple juice, Capri Sun, pineapple-orange-banana juice, ice tea, pink lemonade, coffee, sugar free grape Kool-Aid

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I chose to highlight the areas below because they all tie into the food sources in each country. Wether it be some people get more food which leads to obesity, or people get less food because of the scarcity of arable land left for crops. They all tie into the foods of the Germans and Americans and their daily diets.

These three data points influence what the people eat in Germany because if there is more people than the crops can feed people will obviously go hungry. But, it all depends on the available land to plant crops to feed the population and to keep them healthy and stay away from obesity. It influences what the people eat in the US because if their is very little arable land left to plant crops, there will not be as much healthy food or food in general for the population to eat. This will lead to obesity eating unhealthy food and starvation for those who the crops can't feed.

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This statistic is relevant because depending on what the different foods available in each country effects the health of its people. If their are more healthy food choices in Germany than United States that may be why the obesity rate is much lower. Or it can just be simply exercise, but food has a main play in the obesity rate.

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