Kitchen Safety

Kitchen Safety rewards following demands of something tasty

How To Be Safe In the Kitchen

Being safe is usually hard in the kitchen . You use the knife , the stove , and the oven . But , let me give you a few tips on how to be safe . . .

Make Sure Floor Is Clean and Not Wet

First , make sure the floor is not wet and clean . If it is you could slip and get injured . And , you don't want that , so make sure it's dry and clean . :)

Next , unplug everything that is plugged that you're not using . By doing this it will prevent a fire or overheat .

Keep These In Mind

Wash Hands

Washing hands can help so much . By washing your hands you can prevent bacteria or anything else from getting on your food or in your food .

Put Away Knives

Second , make sure everything is put up when you're done using them ( knives , forks , scissors , etc )