July BOD Update

2013 Mountain Bike Festival

As of July 3rd we have:

- 72 people registered

- 15 paid vendors

- 7 companies demoing bikes

- Festival expenses have been covered by sponsorship and secured income

- The STAB crew has been exceptionally resilient and continues to work the trails as it rains

- Pray for sunshine!

We will make our 2013 budget numbers if we hit 250 paid riders. The festival in general is getting a lot of VMBA's admin. time. The recent rain has done some trail damage. Jim Lyall, STAB's builder reported, "It's worse than Irene down here the last couple days."


We're close to calling another Advisory Council meeting to go over chapter progress and learn how we can better support chapter goals. Also, a reminder to utilize VMBA's media kit and sharing content through chapter social media channels is needed.

The Trail building clinic was a huge success. Nine chapters were represented for the two day experience in June. Brooke Scatchard and Hardy Avery instructed the clinic. An online assessment of the clinic indicated folks were very happy with the instruction and acknowledged they will approach trail building differently as a result of their participation.

A formal letter has been sent reiterating VMBA's accomplishments on chapter's behalf over the past year as well as gently reminding chapters some still owe 2012 dues. Further, The letter highlighted expectations relative to event revenue sharing and the Nov. 1st deadline for 2013 dues.

Chapters have not embraced the VTPB chapter trail day opportunity. VTPB is willing to promote their trail days and bring free peanut butter and bagels to help chapters get their day going in addition to handing out free product all day to those who support chapters. No chapters have expressed interest in this opportunity.

State of Vermont

VMBA has been working with the State on the corridor manager agreement. VMBA is working to incorporate trail restoration as part of forestry plans moving forward along with defining how the state and VMBA will partner to create internal funding opportunities, best practices building standards and co-sponsor the trail building clinic.

Post the Festival, VMBA will be following up with regional coordinators to help develop clean lines of communication between regional coordinators and chapters regarding trail building and maintenance plans. This will be a critical element of the corridor agreement and the 10-year expansion plan.

VMBA and the State collaborated on an Act 250 and Landowner Liability Summary for chapters. The document has been uploaded to the "Chapter Documents" link on vmba.org.


Husky Injection Molding committed to donating to VMBA towards the end of the riding season. The amount was not disclosed. I'm anticipating somewhere between $1-2,000.

Pet Naturals of Vermont will be collaborating with VMBA and MTBVT to develop a trail do photo contest. VMBA has submitted documentation for Pet Natural and MTBVT's review. We hope to launch the contest at the festival or soon after. This is a nice first step in cultivating a relationship with the company.

VMBA partners - Cabot Cheese, Vermont Peanut Butter Company and Darn Tough will all be sharing product at the festival this year.

Accounting & Legal

VMBA and Justin Bull have recently completed the federal filing application for umbrella nonprofit status. This has been a long process and we're eager to get all materials submitted.

A relationship has been established with David Sunshine to serve as legal council for the association. His advice will be utilized to field landowner questions and the review of our risk/waiver/assumption of risk forms. Once completed, these forms should be utilized by all chapters for all events.

Other Events

VMBA was extended free booth space at the New England Mountain Bike Festival on June 22-23. The event brought in almost 1500 riders. The festival and VMBA enjoyed fantastic exposure at this event.

VMBA will be present in tandem with 1% For The Planet at the Mad Marathon on the 6th. The event brings thousands of people the Mad River Valley. Ideally, this event will bring attention to VMBA from potential 1% Partners.

Ongoing Administrative Items

I will be collecting rider/member data beginning at the festival. These data are an important element in describing our value to existing and potential donors/partners.

I need to continue to follow up with chapters via email and phone calls and fielding questions about shifts in Act 250, insurance, and inform them about new deadlines associated with RTP funds for 2014.

Continue to encourage chapters to take advantage of the VTPB Trail Day opportunity and to cross promote VMBA membership as a benefit of chapter membership.

I will keep working on the 10-year expansion plan with the state. Finding the time for this has proven difficult.

I need to find opportunities to work with BOD members to develop a fundraising plan, bylaws, and finalize the strategic plan.