Legally Blonde!

A movie so fantastic Aristotle himself would approve!

1. Plot

After Elle Woods suffers a horrible heartbreak, she decides not to give up and to go to Harvard Law school to win back her true love. In her journey she learns more about herself, her abilities and just how far a spunky blonde can make it in such a cut throat program.

2. Characters

Elle Woods, Bruiser Woods, Warner Huntington, Paulette Bonafonte and Emmett Forrest help make this story come to life!

3. Thought

This beautiful movie reminds us that we must always have faith in each other and most importantly, we must always have faith in ourselves.

4. Diction

Between Elle Woods' west coast dialect and the professors monotone yet completely frightening ones, the diction in this movie helps to separate the characters.

5. Sound

The fun upbeat music this movie provides allows the audience to reside in the same happy and fun state of mind that the main character seems to live in.

6. Spectacle

You have never sen an uproar until you've seen Elle woods prove a murder as a first year law student! Talk about a spectacle!