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power of vocabulary

Why teach Academic Vocabulary? According to Marzano (2005) the strongest action a teacher can take to ensure that students have the academic background knowledge to understand the content they will encounter is providing them with direct instruction in these terms. When students understand these terms, it is easier for them to understand the information they will read and hear in class.

"To expand a childs vocabulary is to teach that child to think about the world."
-Steve and Kate Stahl on the Importance of Vocabulary (2004)

Common Vocabulary - IB Command Terms

Some schools have an agreed upon list of academic vocabulary that everyone incorporates into their instruction. Other schools have a "word of the week" that highlights individual words in hopes of drawing attention to them. Due to the time of year, everything everyone has on their plates, and logistics, in lieu of a "Word of the Week", provided here is a list of the IB command terms with the intent of teachers across all contents to examine how these are incorporated into instruction, and are all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy incorporated in the questions that are asked of students.

Teachers Go Visual With Vocabulary

Below are some samples of how teachers at North View are helping students engage with academic vocabulary.
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