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Unique features of Fire safe products

Unique features of Fire safe products

Wood Products which are Flame Safe, Chemical’s fire safe coatings and the products which are made of fire proof wood are being tested by the attributed testing agencies of third party. The warranty offered by the Flame Safe products help them to perform the tested and also to furnish the test reports if requested, additionally to those which are published on the website. In addition to this, Flame Safe Chemical produces the complete line of the fire retardant penetrate, fire retardant sprays and fire retardant coatings that meet and exceed the fireproofing standards of the industry. The efficiency of the fire retardant products isperfectly documented.

The exclusiveness of the Flame Safe’s products is not just their simplicity of the application, the safety of environmental, their low price, their proven and tested certifications, but most prominently they are required by the code. The Fire codes are well written and are enforced well to save the property and lives. Exclusively, Flame Safe’s fire retardant wood and the retardant spray over the coatings and penetrants gets easily applied which is colorless, environmentally safe, non-toxic and are even aqueous based on the chemicals of fire retardants.

Flame Safe is basically dedicated for setting not just following the standards of fireproof industry through the ongoing testing programs and research development. Flame Safe frequently endeavors to instruct the marketplace on importance of fireproofing explosive materials through using the fire retardant products. To get further details click here.


· Permanence: The fire retardant timber which is Flame Safe is permanent guard against spread of the flame.

· Strength: The aqueous based treatment and the process of kiln-drying strengthens the timber and wood.

· Hygroscopicity: The Flame Safe's treated wood and plywood is not hygroscopic than the untreated wood of provided species.

· Corrosion: The Flame Safe treated wood and plywood does not show any greater rate of corrosion than the untreated wood on the hardware and metal fasteners.

· Finishing and Decorating: Flame Safe treated surface of wood can be painted and stained with the ordinary preparation, hence avoiding the use of lacquer based varnishes and stains.

· Field Cuts: The Flame Safe treated wood permits the user to mill, re-surface and rip lumber or the plywood if the surfacewhich is exposed is well coated with the coating of Flame Safe fire retardant.

· Versatility: The Flame Safe treated wood and plywood is compatible with waterborne treatment of preservative for lumber, timber and plywood for in ground and exterior use

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