The Progressive Presidents

By: Trent Manning

Biography of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was born on October 27, 1958 into a rich family. Later on in life he became governor of New York. When William McKinley was assassinated he became president. He was reelected after his first term.

Presidential Report Card-Theodore Roosevelt

  • Leadership-B+- Most of the nation agreed with his decisions to get rid of all the trusts but the trust owners hated him for that. He controlled the trusts with one of the three C's in the square deal.
  • Organization-A- Theodore Roosevelt was very organized because he managed the construction of the panama canal, during that he was involved foreign affairs. He was also organized because he passed many bills concerning the preservation of the national parks.
  • Professionalism-A- Theodore Roosevelt was very professional during his presidency because he was concerned with the national parks. He perused that dream of keeping the national parks.
  • Contributions-B- Most of Theodore Roosevelt's contributions were for national parks.

Woodrow Wilson

Biography of Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28, 1856. He became president in 1912 but unfortunately he died three years after he got out of office.

Presidential report card

Leadership-A+- Wilson was an extremely good leader because he organized the following acts and bills: Wilson's new freedom which was his new plan for the united states, His tariff reduction which obviously reduced tariffs, His banking reform which set up loans for farmers so they could produce more food, and finally his antitrust laws which broke up trusts to "equalize the businesses."

Organization-A- Wilson's organization of all his laws was very impressive throughout his presidency.

Professionalism-A- Wilson was very professional during his presidency because he was a very organized person.

Contributions-A- Some of Wilson's contributions were during WWI were: trying to keep the Unite States neutral during the war. He also contributed his thoughts towards foreign policy saying that he supported Latin america including mexico

#28 Woodrow Wilson


Born in Cincinnati on September 15,1857 William Howard Taft was our 27 president. Before he became president he was elected to chief justice. He died in Washington D.C. at age 72.

Presidential report card

Leadership-B- Taft wasn't really a good leader because he wasn't a very good politician

Organization-A- Taft was very organized when it came to Trust busting

Professionalism-A- Taft was pretty professional considering that he graduated from Yale and went back to Cincinnati to practice law. This shows that he was very professional

Contributions-B- William Howard Taft's contributions were pretty limited to busting trusts and equalizing business' making money be equally distributed.

#27 William Howard Taft