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How to raise a black son in America | Clint Smith

Don't Be Scared. Be Prepared !! Exhibition Time ... (November 14 - November 28th 2016)

You should have finished Units 1 and 2 ( Make America Great Mythical Narratives and Election Madness Infographic Projects)

In the coming weeks all students will have to

give a 3-5 minute presentation in front of their classmates. For this presentation, you will choose one of the two performance tasks you have completed so far this year: Your Mythical Narrative or Your Election Infographic.

Here is what's been going on and what's coming up.

Enter Scholastic Art & Writing Contest

See Mr Reed or Mr McGeehan to learn how you can sign up for scholarship opportunities

Dont's and Do's For your Presentation.

Don't be scared be prepared! Check out the above YouTube for tips on preparing for your exhibition.
Presentation Good/Bad Examples

Awesome Sauce Shout Outs

Awesome Sauce & Kudos to our Class Dojo Leaders

Christina (54 points,) Dior (53 points), Lanizah (51 points),

Jonnelle (54 points) Lataya (43 points) Tarrell (42 Points)

Jalil (50 points) Jonathan (49 points) Renea (46 points)

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