What Makes Me a Good Person

By: Madelynn Brown

Health Influences

Three positive health habits I have are:
-My athleticism positively impacts my health because it keeps me active and in shape.
-My mom positively impacts my health because she encourages me to be a good person and to be successful.
-My friends positively increase my health because they encourage me to do great things.
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In ten years, I would like to..

be a Pediatrician and have graduated college and played college lacrosse.

Goal Setting

Two short term goals are:

-Being in high honor roll for this quarter.

-Be more open to group work and not independent work.

Three accomplishments I hope to have achieved by the end of 8th grade are:

-Becoming more of a leader for my 8th grade class

-Making the JV/Varsity Club Lacrosse Team

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Some of My Best Characteristics Are:





About Me:

I am really good at:

-School and being determined to get good grades
-Being athletic and enjoying playing most kinds of sports.


My favorite class is Algebra because I problem solving and being organized.
My favorite sport is lacrosse because I like to be active and score goals for my team.

Three of my favorite things are:



-Algebra & Social Studies & Earth Science

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I admire...

my cousin Sarah Sweazy because she was the captain of the Varsity basketball team last year and really makes me want to do my best in my sports too.

I Am Not Really Good At...

-working in groups

-reading in public

-art and drawing

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A Quote or Motto I Live By is...

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” -Og Mandino