January 6, 2023


January 7: Elementary Hockey Night, 7:00 PM at Southside Ice Arena (see flier below)

January 9: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 PM at Baker Elementary

January 16: WEPA Meeting, 6:30 PM

January 23: NO SCHOOL

February 7: WEPA Meeting, 6:30 PM

February 13: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 PM at Steeby Elementary

February 17 & 20: NO SCHOOL

February 28: Steeby Elementary Literacy Night, 6:00-7:00 PM


Please note that there was an error printed in the Green & White Newsletter school calendar. Below is the correct schedule:

January 16 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day): school is in session this day

January 23: no school for students, Professional Development day for staff only

We apologize for any confusion.

Principal's Corner

Welcome Back!!

We are off to a very busy start here at Steeby. NWEA winter testing has begun. This week your child took the NWEA Reading assessment and next week they will take the NWEA Math assessment. The results of those tests are used to determine what your child needs to be successful in reading and math. Our teachers work together to determine what each child needs to grow as a student and they design our daily interventions (W.I.N.) around that information.

Winter is here and we need to make sure our students are bundled up for their recesses each day. We are still noticing many students not coming to school with coats, hats, gloves, boots, and/or snow pants. Please remind your child the importance of wearing these items outside during recess. If you’re unable to provide your child with these items, please contact the office and we can try to help you get what you need for your child.

Parent drop and pick up is at the back of the building off of Maple St. Please remember to use our designated area so we do not block the traffic on E. Superior St.

Yours in education,

Christina Johnson


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Physical Education Fun

Welcome back and happy new year!

Mrs. Smith, Coach Laker, and I are excited to get back into the gym with all our students!

This month we are launching the Kids Heart Challenge. More info coming soon!

We have also introduced some hockey skills.

We are still looking for athlete of the week; make sure to discuss with your student the four things we are looking for in PE:

1. Be a good sport

2. Be safe

3. Be respectful

4. Show effort

It's winter, so please be mindful to bring gym shoes on the days you have gym.

Thank you for your support!

Have a healthy and happy start to your new year!

The PE Team,

Jocelyn Merchant , Ashley Smith, and Coach Laker

Adventures in Art

Second graders will be practicing form with value this month to make some fun snowpeople! We will use oil pastels to do the shading to make the snowballs look 3D. Then they have so much fun adding all the details to make their snowpeople unique and interesting.

Third grade is kicking off the new year learning how to weave on a loom. We will use recycled cardboard pieces and yarn to weave a bookmark, bracelet, or woven piece of wall art. This is something fun and new that the kids always seem to enjoy!

Media Moments

Happy New Year!

In December in media class we finished up our Mock Caldecott unit and students learned and participated in the Hour of Code. Second graders learned how to code using a Minecraft coding game on While third graders learned how to code using Minecraft and Dance Party on The Hour of code website can be found on Information Place: for students that would like to practice coding at home.

This month in media class students will be creating and printing out snowflakes in the computer lab. They will be deciding on their one word for 2023 and printing out that word. We will also be finding out which books actually won Caldecott awards for their illustrations after the awards are announced at the end of January. It's going to be a fun and exciting month in media class!

Happy Reading and Happy Coding!

Niki Barnes

Media Teacher

Baker & Steeby Elementary

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Supercat Winners

For Week of 12/5/22

Addisyn Weber; Roy Striegle; Olivia Jackson; Karson Ward; Briar Wooten; Kashius Chlebana; Dawsen Otis; Dimitri Turkaleski; Khloe Jorgensen; Carter McKillop; Kenny Harrison; John Tilmann; Ben Anguiano; Emmett Katje; Lana Ross; Skylar Wurm; Alexander Pringle; Waylon Stokes; Christian Dietz; Kailey Murphy; Brock Niemczyk; Blake Huttenga; Abbie Phinney; Ava Schmidt Supercat Classroom of the Week: Mrs. Fortier's 2nd grade class

For Week of 12/12/22

Kayden Montes; Vincent Wiley; Cameron Bender; Allison Downs; Henry Sweet; Paisley Edema; Emeri Crittendon; Sophiana Kacos; Emma Ferris; Chance Hudson; Jayce Rivera; Madison Custer; Airyk Garcia; Maddie Harmon; Faith Converse; Jase Nesbit; Isaiah Gill; Rayna Haynes; Addilyn Delnay; Cohen Dorr; Elle Weaver Supercat Classroom of the Week: Mrs. Fortier's 2nd grade class

For Week of 1/3/23

Emma Hall; Lincoln Damron; Audra Kemp; Harvey Smith; Gracie Kwiatkowski; Ben Vandermolen; Sophiana Kacos; Kale Crowley; John Crifasi; Jocqui Miles; Natalie Wright; Kah'leo Williams; Isla LaPree; Liam Biesbrock; Fiona Lewis; Remi Reurink; McKenzie Fisher; Bentlie Wolters; Dallas Avery; Elliette MacIntosh; Izzy Graczyk; Jeremy Ferris Supercat Classroom of the Week: Mrs. Fortier's 2nd grade class

Community Education


** NEW** GENERATION POUND, ages 6-12, Meets Mondays (3 weeks): January 30 - Feb. 13

Robotics Night for kids, Grades 3rd - 5th. One night class, Friday - January 20

Intro to Tech, Grades 3rd - 6th, Meets Thursday nights; Feb 9 & 16

Karate class at Steeby Elem: ages 4 - 99. Meets Thursday nights; January 9 - March 13


Babysitter Training, 11 yrs old and up, One day class, Saturday - January 28

Archery I & II, grades 4th - 12th, Meets on Wednesdays (6 weeks) January 11 - Feb. 15

Adult POUND class - Meets Thursdays; January 12 - Feb 16

Adult Yoga class - Meets Wednesdays; January 11 - March 1

Adult Pickleball - Meets Thursdays (6 weeks) Feb. 2 - March 9

Register for all classes online through RevTrek,

Call 269.792.9153 with any questions.

Paper Gator Recycling

Did you know that Steeby Paper Gator gets funding for the paper that we collect for our school? Please start saving your paper at home and bring it in to the Gator, it will help us to earn money for Steeby!! Anyone in the community can deposit the items listed below in the Paper Gator. The Paper Gator is located behind Steeby in the wooden fenced in area. The Paper Gator will be the green dumpster.

Here is a list of what we CAN take in the Paper Gator:

-Junk Mail
-Phone Books
-Office/School paper
-Hard and soft cover books
-Paperboard (Grocery Item boxes, NOT cardboard)
-Standard staples & paperclips are ok
-Shredded paper (preferred in CLEAR plastic bags)

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