Ring (Nuvaring)

By: Kinaysha and Luis

Who uses this method?

This method is use on the female.

How does the Ring work to prevent pregnancy?

The ring is a small flexible ring that females put in their vagina. The ring contains hormones called estrogen and progestin which prevent pregnancy.

How does an individual use the Nuvaring?

First of all if you want to use the Nuvaring you will have to be a female. The first step is to get a prescription from your doctors so you can get the Nuvaring. Once you get the Nuvaring insert it into the vagina and gently push it further up using your index finger. Some girls may get some side effects and others won't. After 3 weeks of wearing the ring you will have to make sure to take it out and insert a new one.

Will you need a prescription?

Yes to use the the Nuvaring you will need a prescription from your doctor so he can check if you will me allergic to any of the chemicals that a Nuvaring contains.

Does the ring protect against sexual transmitted infections (STI)?

The ring doesn't prevent against sexually transmitted infections.

How much does the method cost?

The Nuvaring can be purchased at a prize of $0 to 80 dollars at a clinic with a prescription.

How effective is the Nuvaring?

The Nuvaring was been shown to be 98% effective the same as the pill. Only one 1 out of 100 woman's each day's that use the Nuvaring get pregnant every year .

How does it compare to the other methods?

  • The ring is easier to use than some of the other method.
  • The ring is also effective, even more effective than some of the other methods.

What are the advantages/benefits to using the Ring?

  • The ring is safe, convenient and very effective
  • If you use the ring, you don't have to think about birth control every day or every time you have sex
  • The hormones in the ring of her health benefits.

What are the disadvantages of using the the Nuvaring?

  • the righ doesn't protect agains sexually transmitted infection.
  • Some woman's may have side effects while using the ring like irritation,headaches,vomiting and dizziness.
  • It can be hard to remember to remove the ring after 3 weeks and insert a new one.





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