Feeling under the weather?

Do you really get sick from cold weather?


When you initially look at the number of documented cases of colds throughout the United States of America for a year, you can easily see that many of them were documented in the months with colder temperatures. However, this does not necessarily mean that these cold temperatures were the cause of the cold.


  • Cold weather is CORRELATED to illness
  • Nasal passages will be drier and susceptible to infection
  • Tendency for people to cluster indoors can spread pathogens


Not Scientifically Proven

  • A study by scientists was carried out by placing cold viruses directly in the nasal cavity of participants and either exposing them to cold weather conditions or not. No correlation was concluded between cold exposure and susceptibility to cold viruses.
  • People tend to cluster together in close proximity to one another in colder conditions, allowing viruses and germs to spread quicker.
  • Colder weather conditions cause mucosa (lining on sinuses, throat, and trachea) to dry up, causing a breeding ground for viruses.

Actual reason

Spread of germs
  • Come intact with rhinovirus to get cold
  • Come intact with influenza virus to get the flu


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By Teja Seelam, Tanya Koshy, Nikita Nasta, and Kelsey Lints

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