Edouard Boubat

Remi Listening to the Sea

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Remi Listening to the Sea

In 1995 this picture was taken in a studio with an amazing light setup. It is famous because it breaks a few of the portrait rules. First, one of his shoulders is cut off. The framing is extremely tight almost clipping the left side of the shell. We learn from this picture that breaking a few rules sometimes can still result in a wonderful picture, despite the the flaws. What makes it such a good picture is the facial expression Remi is wearing. It's a though the shell is whispering a secret to him.

What I think

I absolutely love the lighting in this picture! It's remains a mystery to me of how he set the lighting up. He also would have had to done so major darkroom magic to get this great of quality! I also like the expression the boy has. I most definitely agree that it looks as if the boy is receiving a secret from the shell. He looks so content and gentle. I also believe that the photo looks amazing just the way it is.