Crisis in Venezuela

By: Ricardo Sanoja, Daniel Zambrano, and Daniel Chirinos


Many people believe that Venezuela is a beautiful country with no issues; however, the truth is that its in the brink of destruction, everything from food to money, all disappearing.
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The nightmare of shopping in Venezuela

Why don’t the people do anything about it? Food and supplies became scarce

People can’t buy groceries every day, also, the Government prevents people from buying too much food and supplies. As it says in this article, “It’s Monday, and if Valero doesn’t go now, she’ll have to wait another 4 days” (Otis 1)Food and supplies are disappearing that’s why certain days are grocery days. The government thinks this “secure” system can control a crowd of people, but people are hurting each other in lines due to this

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grocery stores were looted in venezuela

How Bad are Venezuela’s Economic Problems

Hugo Chavez had been giving away millions of dollars of oil. This leads to low money in Venezuela and drastic economic issues.Why is Venezuela in crisis?

This country is based off of oil, so how could they give it away?
With the low oil prices and corrupt government, the country is put into trouble, stated by Nathaniel Flannery“A lack of cash should have Maduro sounding the alarm, as Venezuela must pay off more than $28 billion of debt in the next two years” (Flannery 2).
Money is rapidly decreasing thanks to the cheap oil giveaways from the government.
Why Is Venezuela In Crisis?

Murdered for their Guns, Venezuela’s Police are now Victims of Crime

Why has the government let it happen, and why don’t they do anything about it?

Off duty police are killed for their weapons Since January 252 officers have been killed for their weapons buy gangs causing them to be victims of crime, and the government is too corrupt to fix it.“Not even the police are safe in Venezuela. In a country which saw 24,000 murders recorded in 2013 and whose capital city Caracas was runner-up for murder capitol of the world, 252 officers have been killed in the country from January until October this year.

2014 - Venezuela National Police officers and anti-riot police use tear gas


In conclusion, Venezuela is in disaster. The cruelty, corrupt government, low money, food and supply shortages add up to make a devastated country. Venezuela has fallen from one of the joyous places on earth to a devastating nightmare.