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In Ortoplug we specialize in Body Jewelry Body retail jewelry and body piercing. For 3 years we've been designing all sorts of sizes and patterns with wide range of quality woods.

Ortoplug jewelry stands out as one of the largest manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of services providers’ Body Piercing Jewellery with direct prices factory. Ortoplug, our body jewelry is an ideal supplier and benefited from the market online! We offer the best level of resort excellent quality and good price! We produce beautiful pieces and collections classy! We offer high quality designs ranging from eyebrow rings to toe rings. We offer thousands of styles, mounted touch your body. Our strength lies in its extensive collection of Body Modification Jewellery. strong customer service; fashion design and good masterpiece. Our body jewelry store knows what our buyer constantly looking online and meets your demands! We guarantee the delicacy and perfect qualities of body jewelry.

We made many retailers many wholesalers and wholesale distributors never compromise our quality to lower the price. We welcome feedback on how we can make things better, bring you new products for body piercing and improving our service and efficiency. So please feel free to email us with your ideas and suggestions.