Math, Math, Math!

By: Lindy Jenkins :-)

The Types of Quadrilaterals.

There are 5 types of quadrilaterals, the parallelogram, the rectangle, the square, the rhombus and the trapezoid.


Lets talk about each one. First off the parallelogram. Parallelograms are polygons (a closed figure) that have two parallel sides, hence the name Parallelogram, all of the OPPOSITE sides are congruent (are the same). Also all of the OPPOSITE angles are congruent!


The rectangle is a quadrilateral that has two pairs of parallel sides, like a parallelogram (it is a parallelogram), and ALL of the sides are 90 degree angles, that means they are ALL RIGHT ANGLES!) Since the opposite sides are parallel that means they are, you guessed it, CONGRUENT!


The square is a quadrilateral. All of the squares angles are 90 degrees. The opposite sides are parallel so once again that means that all of its sides are congruent!!!

Now, the square is a special type of rectangle and rhombus (yes the square is a rectangle and a rhombus!!!)


The rhombus is a quadrilateral. With all of the sides congruent, the opposite sides parallel and all of the opposite angles are also congruent.


The trapezoid is unlike all of the other quadrilaterals the trapezoid has only ONE pair of parallel sides!

The Right Angle!!!

The Right angle is an angle that is 90 degrees it can NOT be more that 90 degrees and it can NOT be less than 90 degrees it must be 90 degrees EXACTLY!!!! An easy way to remember the Right Angle is to put down a corner of a piece of paper and put it in the Right angle if it matches even than it is a Right angle!!!

The Acute Angle!

The Acute angle is an angle that measures below 90 degrees. Anything below 90 degrees is an Acute angle! ANYTHING!!! An easy way to remember the Acute angle is picture a mom leaning over her baby all scrunched up and the mom is saying "AWW you are such A CUTE baby!" so it is like the mom is leaning over a crib and it makes an Acute angle!

The Obtuse Angle!

The Obtuse angle is any angle that measures above 90 degrees but below 180 degrees! An easy way to remember the Obtuse angle is Obtuse sounds like obese! The Obtuse angle is just a fat Acute angle or just an OBESE Acute angle!!!

Missing angle Quadrilateral

To find a missing angle in a quadrilateral is the same as a triangle except that in a quadrilateral it i 3600 degrees NOT and i will repeat NOT 180 degrees. So for quadrilaterals it is 360 degrees not 180 degrees!