Cupertino Times

by Sami Bami

Tech Trek

Amazing opportunity prior for 7th grade middle schoolers!

The AAUW branch (Sunnyvale-Cupertino) pays tuition for seventh grade girls to enroll to Stanford Tech Trek. Not normal girls, but girls who show a very high intrest Math and Science. Since the branch pays more than $850 for EACH girl to attend, the left $50 is to be payed by the attendee. First, the girl needs to write a one page essay about "How does Math and Science affect your daily life outside of school?" Then, the AAUW branch selects their 11 finalists out of all the registered essays. After the finalists are chosen, finalists are to be called out for interview along with their parents or guardian. The interview is done separately for the parent and the attendee, so if the parents need a translator then they may hire one.