By: Brock Zeigle


Here are some ways you need to know to survive Lineville


The hallway is the best way the teachers can see if your following the rules. The red line in the hallway means to be at a zero. The blue line means that you can be at a 1 or 0. The hallway is not a place to play you will get in lots of trouble. You need to walk on the right side of the hallway always, or you will bump into someone. Just get your stuff that you need and go to your next class.


If you did not finish your homework you go to noon. Noon is a place where you get your homework done. When you're finished you can read,moby or do other homework. You also eat your lunch in noon. Then after noon you go to your class. Hope you don't get noon


At lineville you have D.A.R.E. for a gym session i love dare. Your dare teacher is officer Warner he is awesome and funny. You will get dare t shirts that same day. Then people get to sign your shirts


At lineville you have archery. Its really something to look forward to in gym. You need to be very careful in archery. You need to listen and follow directions carefully because shooting

a bow is very dangerous. Be safe.


At lineville you only get 5 to 10 minutes of recess. At lineville we don't have a playground. We have 6 Basketball hoops,2 kickball fields. When it gets hotter outside you get more recess. You have only 1 recess at lineville. Hope you have fun at recess.

Half Days

At Lineville we only have 4 half a days because your in 5th grade now. I know it stinks but you have lots of fun with your friends. I want more half a days.That is just how it goes here at Lineville.


Hope you have a great year at lineville