PD = Personalized Development

Striving to meet the individual needs of teachers and staff


The Digital Resource Zone

The Digital Resource Zone is a website where teachers can access step-by-step instructions and tutorials that can help them learn about different tools that they have access to. Click HERE to view the Digital Resource Zone.

Individualized Technology Plans

Teachers and administrators create technology goals for themselves for the school year. They create short term and longer term goals. They meet at the end of the school year one-on-one with one of us to set their goals. This gives them a focus for summer PD. We check in with them mid year and at the end of the year again to see what they have completed and if there is anything that they need from us to help them. Click HERE for a folder of resources that are available for you to copy.

PD in Your PJ's

Using Adobe Connect, webinars are held on the first and third Wednesday of every month to provide employees with instruction while they are at home. This is great for those that don't have PLC time, or are really busy during their school day. Click HERE to see our spring schedule.

Hays CISD will begin webinars in January using Zoom video conferencing and webinars.

Those that cannot attend live webinars have the option to watch the recordings back and answer questions in order to receive credit. This helps those that have busy schedules and need the flexibility to learn at anytime and anywhere. Click HERE to see the recordings and quizzes for this year.


At the beginning of every school year, FSHISD employees attend a full day technology conference put on by the technology department and their peers. There is always a theme for the day that brings an additional element of fun. Click HERE to view last year's website for Tech-A-Palooza.

Tech Interns

Juniors and Seniors from the high school are assigned to the technology department as tech interns. The interns have to apply and be approved by the director. Not only are they used to help out in the department, but they are trained on tools that teachers use in the classroom. When teachers need assistance at the high school, we can send interns to help them out real quick.

Tech-a-Palooza Student Edition

This is a half day learning experience where students run the show. High school students plan the day, submit presentation ideas, contact vendors for prizes, etc... The students are the ones presenting to their peers, but there is a teacher assigned to each room. We always hear about much the teachers learn from the students each year. Click HERE to access the Tech-a-Palooza Student Edition website from last year. You can also view all of the amazing posts at #TAPSE17.

Face to Face Instruction

Campuses in our district have a PLC time everyday. During this time they receive professional development. The technology department is able to offer instruction through PLC's twice a month.

We also offer face to face instruction by providing opportunities for teachers to attend half day training at our tech center. These trainings are for a more in depth look at an instructional tool.


Some teachers are reluctant or nervous about teaching a lesson using a tool they are unfamiliar with. We offer to go directly into classrooms and model a lesson using a technology tool. It could be a specifically requested tool or teachers can say this is what we are learning, can you bring something new to us that will enhance the learning?

Digital Badging

Digital badging helps motivate teachers to complete professional development and get credit for what they are using. They apply for different badges and are rewarded with a sticker as well as a digital badge through Credly. Click HERE to view FSHISD's Digital Badging Website.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional information or resources to help you get started!

Ms. Jeannine Freeman

Director of Digital Learning, Hays CISD



Dr. Roland Rios

Director of Technology, FSHISD



Ms. Jennifer Shafer

Coordinator of Digital Learning, FSHISD