New York City Trip

Viki , Einav and Marom

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Day 1

After we landed in JFK Airport, we took a cab to "Crowne Plaza Hotel".

Later, we walked to Empire State Building and saw the amazing sight of all NYC from the sky. Then, we went to 5th Avenue and did some shopping in American Egals, Victoria Seceret and more.

In the evening, we walked to Times Square and all the place was lighted.

Day 2

After we all woke up and organized,we ate breakfast in Barney Greengrass.

Later, we took a cab to Museum of Natural History. After 3 hours in the museum, we walked to Chinatown. In our way to Chinatown, we were in Wall street and 9/11 memorial. Amazing place,recommended! When we came to Chinatowמ we ate lunch in 88 palace restaurant, dim sun restaurant.

In the evening we walked to Broadway street. we saw the Spiderman show (recommended to order tickets in the morning). Beautiful show with amazing efects and acrobats parts.

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9/11 Memorial

Day 3

When we woke up, we ate breakfast and got ready for the new day.

First of all, we walked to Madam tussauds in 42nd st, next to Times Square.

Later, we went to Central Park and visited Central Park zoo.(recommended to bring nuts for squirrels.)

Then, we took a space shuttle to the Statue of Liberty island.

In the afternoon, we went to Brooklyn Bridge and walked on the bridge for 30 minute. Beautiful sight from the bridge, all the family enjoyed from the amazing sight.

Towards the evening, we came back to our hotel and got ready to came back home.