Embedding Text Evidence


Seamlessly inserting textual evidence into a sentence so it blends with your own words


Embedding textual evidence is used when writing an argumentative piece like a short answer, essay, or CCF.


Text evidence should be embedded so that if the quotations were taken away then the sentence would still flow like a regular sentence.

1. Find the piece of evidence that supports your claim the best (evidence that is not a full sentence is easier to work with)
2. Compete the sentence by introducing the quote
3. The sentence should flow and not be an obvious quote besides the quotations
4. No commas are needed only quotations
5. After the quote include the page number and the authors last name in parenthesis


Textual evidence should be embedded this way so that the evidence is used in a way that flows with the writing. Introducing every piece of text evidence causes a choppy essay, short answer, etc.