Return to Learn

Holy Trinity Catholic School 2020-2021

HTC Ready!

As we prepare to welcome back our students and teachers this fall, we are working diligently to plan for every outcome. We anticipate having all students back in school on August in person. We have prepared three education delivery models: on-site learning, hybrid learning, and virtual learning. You can expect to learn more in the coming weeks about the clear conditions under which schools will transition from one model to another as well as protocols for notification of these measures.

Academics & Technology

On-Site Learning

It is our priority to be together on-site as much as possible this school year, as health conditions allow. In support of this goal, we have acquired necessary cleaning supplies, and we will continue to evaluate our best options for the use of space to accommodate physical distancing to the best of our ability. Our health and safety plans, including the measures listed and those we are still determining, will be the key to our ability to offer on-site learning, which is why our health and safety plans are under diligent review.

Hybrid Learning

A hybrid learning model indicates services are offered both remotely and at physical school, locations to address specific health concerns and support necessary physical distancing. A live stream of our classes using Zoom, Google Meet, etc will be used even when students are present in the classroom. This will help ease the learning curve and keep instruction seamless.

For grades PK-6, we would look at the following:

  • 50% of our students attending in-person classes and the other half electing to engage in online coursework with A/B rotation

For grades 7-12, we would look at the following:

  • For grades 7-12, students will be placed into A and B groups. On an A day, students in this group will come to school for their normal schedule. B day groups will attend classes online for A days. On a B day, B day students will attend school for their normal schedule and A day students will learn online.

Online Learning

All students would utilize our 1:1 device ratio as we did this spring. PK-1 students will use SeeSaw as their online platform and students grade 2-12 will use Google Classroom. We have already expanded our wi-fi reach at High School and Elementary to help families who may have trouble accessing the internet, so they can be outside our building and able to get online. For those who truly do not have access to the internet and cannot make it into one of our sites, we will deliver printed hard copy materials to the students.

Learning Management System

  • Learning management system guides will be provided to help students and families familiarize themselves with these tools.
  • All students will be using these tools while they are on-site, so they are prepared to use them if circumstances require them to access learning from home.
  • SeeSaw will be used in PK-1.
  • Google Classroom will be used in grade 2 -12.


HTC will continue to identify online learning resources for staff and students. We continue to explore additional resources to meet the needs of teachers and students.

Health & Safety

As you may imagine, meeting the six-foot physical distancing recommendation in our classrooms throughout the system at all times will prove to be challenging, perhaps even impossible in many circumstances. However, we are focused on accommodating physical distancing to the best of our ability and will implement extensive measures to reduce the spread of infectious diseases such as strict screening and wellness policies for student and staff attendance, heightened cleaning measures, handwashing expectations, adjustments to bell schedules, lunch procedures, protocols for passing periods, recess, and other group activities, as well as procedures for contact-tracing.

Hand Sanitizer Available

  • There will be increased access to hand sanitizer throughout the buildings for students and staff use.

Increased Cleaning

  • We will increase access to cleaning materials for staff and increase the frequency of cleaning public spaces and high touch areas by our custodians.


  • Classrooms may take increased breaks to ensure all students are washing their hands more frequently while at school.

Temperature Checks

  • Students and staff will have their temperatures taken daily as they enter the building. Any students or staff members with a fever (above 100.3 degrees) will be sent home immediately.

Mask / PPE

  • Mask / PPE is encouraged to be worn by all in the building(s) but will not be required at this time.

Water Fountains

  • Water fountain use will be discouraged. We recommend all students bring their own water bottle (labeled with their name) to use and refill at our numerous refill stations.


  • We will have extra lunches schedules if needed and tables will be spread out in the cafeteria and hallways. Depending on conditions, students may be asked to eat lunch in their classrooms, as well.

Entering the Building

  • At this time we will allow students and staff in the building during school hours only. Parents or community members will need to call the office if they need in or to contact anyone.

Measures you can take to help

  • Consider alternative transportation options. There may be times in the school year that Holy Trinity is required to depart from the Fort Madison Community School District’s schedule, which may result in loss of transportation services for our students who ride the bus. Holy Trinity will follow the FMCSD schedule as it relates to snow days, etc. However, we will determine our own schedule relative to COVID-19 adjustments and closures. If this will impact your family, please be considering back-up transportation options that may be available should the need arise.
  • Return iPads / MacBooks that require repair. If your school child has a device at home that needs repair, please return the device to the HTC so it can be refurbished and ready for the start of school this fall.
  • Stay engaged. Please do not hesitate to call, email, or set up a meeting with a school administrator if you have questions or concerns. We also ask that you continue participating in our surveys. We have had a tremendous response so far, and this greatly assists us in our planning efforts.
  • Have you ever considered becoming a substitute teacher? As you may imagine, we anticipate a potential higher need for substitute teachers this year. Check out We would love to have you as a sub!