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wild hogs

About the Issue

Students here at J.M.S have been asked to create something for you guys at Stipes.
We have been informed that feral hogs have been spotted at Stipes feild. Our goal was to create something to inform you guys about the feral hogs and sort of what to do and what not to do.

Feral Hogs

Why are the hogs here?

The Trinity river flooded, so it forced them to look for a new dry habitat.

Should we be afraid/worried?

Feral hogs are very dangerous animals and should not be around the children

If you see footprints like pigs, go the opposite the way the footprint is. If you see one do not mess with it.

What should you do if you see one?

Be very careful!!! IF you see one quickly walk away if it has spotted you!! It can hurt you and we of course don't want that! Make sure you are with an adult.

How are the hogs affecting our habitat?

They are destroying our property and crops. they are also

carrying very harmful diseases that can be transmitted.

How are we getting rid of them?

Many cities are allowing hunters to hunt them and relocate them.

How big can they get?

Feral hogs can weigh more than 400 pounds.