World Religions

Tyler Medlock


  • Judaism was founded 4500 years ago, by Abraham, in Mesopotamia.
  • Today, only 14 million people adhere to Judaism. Much, much less than most other religions.
  • Jewish people are monotheistic, meaning that they believe in only one god, Yahweh.
  • Most Jews are located in Israel.
  • Judaisms sacred text is The Torah
  • It uses rabbis to lead, and teach the religion
  • They use synagogues as places of worship
  • Jews believe that people were created good, and they pledge obedience to God, and atone for their sins.
  • They use synagogues, and the Torah to spread their beliefs.


  • Buddhism was founded 2500 years ago, by Buddha, in East India.
  • It is followed by 360 million people
  • Buddhism is Polytheistic.
  • Most Buddhists are located in Eastern India
  • Buddhism has many sacred texts
  • The leaders and teachers are monks
  • The worship at temples of Buddha
  • Buddhists strive to reach Nirvana, complete happiness, by giving up worldly possessions.
  • They spread their beliefs by word, and many sacred texts.


  • The earliest form of Hinduism dates back to before 1500 BC
  • It was founded in India
  • It has no set founder
  • It has over 900 million followers, the third largest in the world
  • Its main location is India, but has some foothold in the US
  • Hinduism has 4 sacred texts; Vedas, Upanishads, Sutras, and the Ghagavad Gita
  • Hinduism is Polytheistic
  • A leader of Hinduism is a Guru, or a sage.
  • Many people use home shrines to worship, but ones that don't, use temples.
  • They believe that when people die, they are reincarnated.
  • Their purpose is to escape the Cycle of Reincarnation.