Haute Dots, Stelletto Squad and Signature Haute Dots

May 2013 Edition

Hello Stylish Ladies!

It gives me great pleasure as always to go through all the stats and recap each month. I can hardly contain myself as I type this with such joy to see all your accomplishments!!

However you finished the month, be proud for being out there sharing the love of jewelry and making a lot of women cuter!! Remember also that it takes everyone to make the totals so whether you did one trunk show or ten; sold one necklace or 50, you are an important part of our team. We love our flexible career with Stella....part-time, full-time, some of the time, all of the make it yours!!

We are breaking team records ladies!! Happy dance time and time to look in the mirror and say; hey, that girl's got style and she's going places!!!

  • Do you know that our teams welcomed 39 new fabulous stylists!!
  • We held over 200 shows

  • Drum roll please........and on a conservative estimate of $133,000.00 retail!!!!!!!

  • Two new Star Stylists, two Lead Stylists and three new Senior Stylists

YOU did that and with that, just think of how much free and half priced jewelry you gave away to our lovely hostesses that keep each one of us in business!!

As we head into May, we are already hitting the charts!! This newsletter will recap April with special recognition and hit some highlights of transitioning into Summer.


Happily Accessorized,


Welcome All New Stylists for April!!!!!

Rachel Kane (Sponsor: Melinda DeVine)

Jill Hansen, Jayne Root, Michelle Toulmin (Sponsor: Rachel Kane)

Tina Hannan (Sponsor: Jill Hansen)

Nicole Butler, Roxy Dumitru (Sponsor: Megan Love)

Michelle McCluskey (Sponsor: Patricia Carlile)

Nadia Wald (Sponsor: April Paris)

Sandra Jamrock, Archele Myers (Sponsor: Dawn Pryde)

Cassandra Henson (Sponsor: Archele Myers)

Rebecca Cox (Sponsor: Lisa Paxson)

Anna Aella, Casey Carr (Sponsor: Annette Warnick)

Lorna Collins, Robin Nield (Sponsor: Jami Baker)

Jennifer Uhler (Sponsor: Tanya Johnson)

Elaine Cena, Jennifer-Ellen Gessler (Sponsor: Jennifer Knoblich)

Catherine Kao (Sponsor: Sarah Hirabayashi)

Stephanie Adams, Becky King (Sponsor: Courtney Tucker)

Melanie Lockhart (Sponsor: Heidi Glennon)

Jana Salamanca, Sedona Sanchez (Sponsor: Wendy Ayer)

Keisha Gonia, Marci Monfredi (Sponsor: Tori Smith)

Rebecca Metodiev (Sponsor: Amy Bosco)

Sadie Leader (Sponsor: Jacquelynn Rowland)

Larissa Cota (Sponsor: Denise Bryan)

Deanne Callari (Sponsor: Dolores Furukawa)

Sheila Haghighat, Lorna Ada, Erika Holt (Sponsor: Rene Kauder)

Carolynn Foxwell (Sponsor: Sheila Markowitz)

Tammy Schowalter (Sponsor: Jennipher Hagenmayer)

Rebecca Chen, Patricia Rush (Sponsor: Adrianna Markowitz)


Congratulations to these ladies and their teams!!!

  • Jami Baker Lead Stylist
  • Denise Moore Lead Stylist
  • Lisa Paxson Sr. Stylist
  • Dawn Pryde Sr. Stylist
  • Anna Bosch Sr. Stylist
  • Adrianna Markowitz Sr. Stylist
  • Courtney Tucker Star Stylist
  • Lisa Giles Star Stylist

Hats off to both of these women!!

From one side of the U.S. to the other, Rene and Wendy both strive each month to not only work their personal businesses with style and grace but both lead large teams with great success! They are both very busy: Rene works a full-time job and still finds time to fit it all in. Wendy, a Mom of three little ones demonstrates excellent time management skills and assertiveness to do what it takes to get the job done.

Both of these women truly "Make it Happen!! When I asked Wendy to give me a few words on how she sold over 11 thousand last month, this is what she had to say: " I just followed training and booked trunk shows at trunk shows and followed up with my customers. I didn't recreate the wheel. I just did what we are trained to do. The tools are in front of you, it is up to you to get out there and book the shows and share the opportunity! It is not about luck, this is work and I promise that if you work your business, it will pay off." Wendy set a goal and a dream for her and her little boy to take a trip to Disneyland and I'm happy to report they have just returned!!

How do you think that Rene sponsors so successfully? Rene is loved by everyone who meets her. She has a kind, sincere and professional way about her. She pays attention to detail, is a great time manager and truly cares about others. Now; that is how I think she sponsors so well!! Rene also does what she was trained to do, follows what Stella and Dot has given us for training. Wendy and Rene also attend all the extra training they can to keep their skills up to date.

Congratulations Wendy and Rene!!!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us!!

  1. Wendy Ayer $11,785.55
  2. Joelly Belman $7725.01
  3. Anna Bosch $5756.94
  4. Sarah Hirabayashi $5,020.21
  5. Courtney Tucker $4293.00
  6. Rene Kauder $4262.00
  7. Pamela Wimmer $3922.00
  8. Amy Bosco $3753.00
  9. Kristen Peoples $3536.00
  10. Jennipher Hagenmayer $3452.14

Congrats!! You qualified for the month of April!!

Wendy Ayer $11785.55

Joelly Belman $7725.01

Anna Bosch $5,796.54

Sarah Hirabayashi $5020.21

Courtney Tucker $4293.00

Rene Kauder $4262.00

Pamela Wimmer $3922.50

Amy Bosco $3753.10

Kristen Peoples $3536.00

Jennipher Hagenmayer $3452.00

Adrianna Markowitz $3420.00

Jennifer Borges $3420.00

Lisa Paxson $3297.20

Melanie Gallagher $3284.00

Laurie Paz $3121.95

Felicia Rosenthal $3034.70

Lisa Giles $2875.98

Stephanie Hollander $2759.50

Darah Cooney $2602.44

Mary Kurtenbach $2538.00

Kristina Behan $2332.00

Leslie Borken $2332.00

Jacquelynn Rowland $2313.43

Tori Smith $2309.39

Jennifer Brown $2046.00

Patricia Carlile $2004.00

Dawn Pryde $1890.58

April Paris $1823.60

Shelbi Tiroux $1870.00

Alison Wehri $1792.00

Heidi Glennon $1731.08

Kathleen Sapien-Anderson $1679.50

Erika Holt $1605.00

Jackie Brocka $1575.00

Annette Warnick $1556.05

Jami Baker $1350.30

Nora Cumberbatch $1300.43

Amy Doherty $1236.05

Kisha Brown-Richard $1188.80

Amanda Whiting $1175.83

Rachel Kane $1174.00

Marie Franco $1111.05

kimberly Rieara $1058.20

Cynthia Beamer $1003.00

Carisa Dorosh $985.50

Caitlin Scott $938.00

Brenda Guinand $905.30

Helene Defilippo $790.00

Sara Seiber $786.00

Jennifer Knoblich $753.00

Terra Wheeler $690.00

Christina Landsman $690.00

Karli Graves $664.00

Tricia Campbell $663.00

Nicole Schwanger $660.20

Jennifer Judge $659.83

Michelle Giles $627.80

Lorna Ada $613.00

Tracy Baschke $564.00

Dorothy Wahl $560.81

Deanne Kasim $543.57

Sheila Markowitz $535.00

Melinda Devine $529.00

Deborah Kummerow $516.00

Denise Bryan $515.60

Sarah Snyder $511.00

Cristal Nell $504.50

Tina Larsen $501.00

Our GLAM......our....ess..........EARNERS!!


This and that and tips for travel.....

When traveling, thread your delicate necklaces through a straw prior to packing. They will not tangle!!
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More 50% off sampling till the till the tenth at 11:59 p.m.!!

Second Chance Sampling on Selected Summer Styles!

The Summer Collection has been a runaway success and we wanted to give you a chance to sample our products with the best inventory positions. Plus, the late-to-the-party Blue & Navy Striped Pouf is now available! You can enjoy 50% off your samples of the following gorgeous items now through 11:59PM PT, Friday May 10th:

  • New! SG122NVS Navy & White Striped Pouf
  • B254LB Maya Bracelet - Labradorite
  • B254TU Maya Bracelet - Turquoise
  • B256RG Wanderlust Triple Wrap - Mixed Metal
  • B257GR Wanderlust Single Wrap - Green
  • B257GS Wanderlust Single Wrap - Mixed Metals
  • B257P Wanderlust Single Wrap - Pink
  • N379S Sea Life Charm Necklace
  • SC109RMS Palm Springs Scarf- Red Multi Stripe
  • SC111RDK Palm Springs Scarf- Red Ikat
  • SG120ESK Bring It - Espresso Ikat
  • SG120RDK Bring It - Red Ikat

Create a Killer Elevator Speech that will bring you new business!

One of the fastest ways to find new customers and partners for your business is to get out of the house and start networking. But to make networking pay off you need to know what to say when the conversation turns to”…. and what do YOU do (for a living)?”

When this question comes up, you have only a small amount of time to communicate who you are and what you do (in order to grab the other person’s attention and generate a positive response).

The Big Mistake

The most common mistake women make when asked “what do you do” is to talk too much about OURSELVES. It’s so easy to launch into a detailed explanation of your company, or share all the interesting facts and science related to your products. (When you have something unique and valuable, it’s hard to not get carried away!)

If you really want to grab people’s attention – in a way that’s going to lead to new sales and business for you – you need to focus your conversations on other people (not yourself); the easiest way to do this is with a well crafted “elevator speech.”

You’ve likely heard the term before; if not, an elevator speech is a short, compelling message you share with a prospect during a brief encounter (such as going up a few floors in an elevator) to communicate what you do in a way that will generate some positive interest – and leads to a next step (exchanging your business cards at the very least, or another chance to connect and have a more detailed discussion).

What Should I Say?

The best way to format a compelling “elevator speech” is to keep it simple, and focus as much as possible on “what’s important to the other person” vs talking about yourself. You want to position “what you do” in a way so that other people can easily “get the value” and recognize how your products or business can help them. Here are a few examples you can use to start crafting your own killer elevator speech:

Sample One:

I help ___________________ (your prospect) ________________ (achieve benefit or result you know is important to them).

Sample Two:

A slightly more complex elevator speech focuses on both the IMMEDIATE benefit and LONG TERM benefit of your product/business. The long term benefit captures the overall feeling or experience that the prospect ultimately wants.

I help ________________ (your prospect) to ________________ (get this result/benefit) so they can ________________ (have this experience or feeling, what they REALLY want).

How many times have you been asked what you do and when you start to talk you can tell you've lost them. If that has happened, they aren't hearing what it would do for them. They have to hear a benefit in the first few seconds.

Don't forget your favorite teacher!!

Big image

Till Next Month......

As we transition into Summer, be sure to keep your momentum up with exciting ideas for your hostesses and their Summer shows. Remember, not EVERYONE is busy with graduations, weddings, vacations. Most are still working their regular schedules and going about business as usual. This is also an excellent time to go through your contacts and reach out to them offering them gift ideas for those events!!

Think Summer and those fun patio shows, baubles and bbq where maybe the guys come, too. Especially for a Saturday night show!! Those are just some ideas; I'm sure you can think of many more!!

The main thing to remember is that Summer doesn't mean's means better weather for most of us, more hours of sunlight (which I love because I can see the house numbers) and all those cute Summer wardrobes that need our cute jewelry!!

My best to you for your May business!

I hope you enjoyed the newsletter!