Magic Mood Paint

Color Changing Paint!

What is it?

Ever want to put your own creativity into a room? Or paint the walls but next week you decide you want a different color? Well now you can change the colors anytime you want! You'll be the coolest kid changing your wall colors like it's no problem.


Paint your walls in the room that you would like to change color with the special Color changing paint. Then just pick your choice of color on the electronic panel installed on the wall.


The installation is free with product! Someone will come install it for you, because we know how busy you are. If it takes more than an hour you get a second one for free.


Once you pick your special color on the electronic panel the electricity current changes inside the wall which changes the colors! The electronic panel is very durable because we know how you kids like to wreck things. There's also a year warranty. It works because there’s electricity in the paint and behind the paint wall and the changing of electricity changes the color. Like how when you touch a color changing pencil and since your hand is warmer it changes colors.

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