Technology in Our Classroom

It doesn't have to be counterproductive!

Times are changing

We live in a fast paced world! With so many advancements in technology in the past few years, some classroom environments have become outdated. Many times, phones and computers are seen as distractions for students. However I believe that we can combine technology to enhance our students' educational experience!

Here are some examples of educational technology

Google Docs

Google Docs are a fantastic way to compile information and work cohesively from afar. For those of you who do not know, Google Docs provides a space where individuals can compile and edit information on a single document. Heres an example: If there are four students working on a group project and each has his or her own notes on the subject, what is the best way to get each individuals information to every other group member? In the past, students would have to meet outside the classroom, bring a copy of his or her own work, and compile the notes by hand. Once email came into play, each member would likely send their notes to one student who would take it upon himself to compile the notes. This puts more stress on one student than the others. Now with Google Docs, each student will automatically combine their notes on a single document. As a teacher I think this is a very efficient way to improve group projects! I will encourage students to work together during class to ensure group work, compromise, and conflict resolution is still practiced in person.


Prezi is a dynamic means of presenting information. In the past students have used a combination of poster boards and props to demonstrate research to the class. Although these methods will still be used, a Prezi allows much more information to be represented in less time and space. I will encourage students to use Prezi for projects and presentations in class.

Smart Board

I am so excited to announce the addition of a Smart Board in our classroom! This is an exciting new tool that will help keep students engaged in lecture. Instead of me simply dictating notes and asking questions, I now can easily present material on this technologically advanced white board. I am most excited to use the Smart Board for the vocabulary and foreign language portion of class. I will be using the Smart Board games to get the entire class involved in fun vocabulary practice. Because our students use technology so much in their personal life, I think they will really appreciate the use of fun, efficient technology in the classroom.