FEA Bargaining Update

2015-2016 Contract

Back to the Table

With our current contract expiring at the end of August, our bargaining team will begin meeting with Bob, Mark and Lonna in the next few weeks. We have met twice formally as a bargaining team this summer planning for our next set of negotiations. We do not expect to fully begin to bargain until after student count, but it is our desire to let members know what we hear, when we hear it. This newsletter will serve as one method of communication between the bargaining team and our members. We bargain on your behalf, so if you have questions, please email them to us. At the bottom of the flyer you will notice an "About Us" section that includes all the members of the bargaining team. Feel free to contact any of us if you ever have questions about negotiations. As always, we appreciate your support.

Your Bargaining Team

2015-2016 Calendar

We have met with Bob and Mark regarding the 2015-2016 calendar. We know our first day will be September 8th, 2015 and we will be finishing up on Friday, June 10th, 2016. The majority of the calendar will not change, but we have negotiated one less teacher day as we will not have to report on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Legislative Updates

(1) Governor Synder has signed into law next year's annual budget. Fruitport schools will be receiving an additional $140 per pupil in our foundation allowance. We will keep a close eye on how this money will be allocated as we work towards a negotiation settlement.

(2) Legislation on teacher evaluations continues to be a moving target. Lynn and Derek with input from our executive board will be meeting with Bob and Allison in August to continue to work to improve our model. You can expect more announcements at our back to school general membership meeting.

Your Bargaining Team

Lynn Vanderberg - Chief Negotiator (Happily Retired)

Zack Stucky - Salary Chair (High School)

Lisa Dirkse - Bargaining Team Member (Edgewood)

Jacquelyn Ball - Bargaining Team Member (Middle School)

Kris Olson - Bargaining Team Member (Middle School)

Derek Woycehoski - FEA President (High School)