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Zachary Zaitzeff and Local Food

Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff is an entrepreneur and restaurant owner who owns and operates a family burger restaurant in New York City. Additionally, Zachary Zaitzeff and his restaurant have been reviewed quite positively by Zagat. Zachary Zaitzeff says that he is pleased with the rating because he never imagined that his restaurant would be ranked one of the best places to eat in New York City. Zachary Zaitzeff hopes that everyone stops in to see him at his restaurant when they are in New York City.

Financial Professional to Entrepreneur: Zachary Zaitzeff

There is a great deal of respect for individuals who aspire to follow their dreams and create their own business. Statistically, most first time entrepreneurs don’t succeed. Reasons for failed businesses are plentiful, but there are the lucky few, who with a lot of diligence, research, and elbow grease make a successful business. Zachary Zaitzeff was one of these successful entrepreneurs who built a successful business for himself over a decade ago.

Zachary Zaitzeff has spent the earliest part of his working career in finance. He worked in New York City and while the dream of owning a restaurant was there, he remained employed as a financial professional until the New York City attack in 2001. After the heart of New York City was attacked on that fateful day of September 11th, Zachary Zaitzeff decided to leave finance and try his hand at entrepreneurship.

After a lot of research, creativity, and understanding a growing demand for organic food, Zachary Zaitzeff founded Zaitzeff Burgers in New York City. While there are plenty of burger restaurants to compete with, Zachary Zaitzeff offered customers a chance to eat healthy, organic foods. The restaurant was a success and has been feeding hungry New Yorkers delicious, organic food for more than ten years.

Today, Zachary Zaitzeff stands among the various successful entrepreneurs in New York City. His hard work paid off and now the dedicated businessman has been able to provide for his family doing what he loves. The success of Zaitzeff Burgers continues to keep Zachary Zaitzeff busy. He must continually work on his menu, work on new financial goals, and maintain expertise in his field. With an ever growing number of organic restaurants, Zachary Zaitzeff has more competition than ever. However, he is well established and Zachary Zaitzeff has the knowledge and experience to lead his business’ growth.

A Switch in Careers: Zachary Zaitzeff

People from New York City may recognize the name Zachary Zaitzeff. He is the founder and owner of Zaitzeff Burgers in New York City. The organic burger restaurant was founded more than a decade ago when Zachary Zaitzeff decided to open a restaurant to satisfy the demands of a growing restaurant niche. Now, organic restaurants are increasingly popular and bring in billions of dollars throughout the United States each year.

Prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Zachary Zaitzeff worked in the finance industry. He was a hard working professional dedicated to his work. Zachary Zaitzeff decided to switch careers after New York was devastated by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. At a time where many were fearful and timid, Zachary Zaitzeff was eager to start anew and demonstrate his strength of character.

Zachary Zaitzeff put together his business plan for opening his restaurant. Like any good entrepreneur should do, Zachary Zaitzeff had to research the industry, find a good location for his restaurant, build a strong team to help his restaurant succeed, and become an expert on the organic industry. Due to the nature of his work, Zachary Zaitzeff had to develop strong working relationships with organic growers and farmers. Having a consistent source for organic produce and meat was essential for the success of his organic burger restaurant.

Zachary Zaitzeff is glad he switched careers. While working in finance allowed Zachary Zaitzeff to provide for his family, he is thrilled to have gone into business for himself. Now, he is a well known restaurant owner with a loyal customer base. He provides customers with the tastiest organic burgers in town. For people unfamiliar with organic dining, Zachary Zaitzeff tells them to be prepared to pay more for the food. It costs more to buy organic and therefore organic dining costs more than conventional dining.

Recreation Time Enjoyed by Zachary Zaitzeff

Located in New York is a man of many talents by the name of Zachary Zaitzeff. He is a family man with a strong love for his family. His family supports him in all he does and he works equally hard to support their health, happiness, and future. Zachary Zaitzeff enjoys creative activities insight and outside his home. He has two main hobbies; painting and mountain climbing.

Zachary Zaitzeff loves to paint. Many people have recognized his creative abilities and he applies them to nearly every aspect of his life. In New York, many people have come to recognize Zachary Zaitzeff’s name in the local artistic community. A number of his paintings have been displayed in art galleries scattered across New York City. Seeing his art appreciated and critiqued in local galleries encourages Zachary Zaitzeff to paint more and artistically express himself on canvas.

Zachary Zaitzeff is also a fan of the outdoors. He is an avid mountain climber and enjoys pushing himself to his physical limits and demonstrating his capabilities as an outdoorsman. He spends many hours mountain climbing when the conditions are favorable. Zachary Zaitzeff is open for a good challenge too. Zachary Zaitzeff was able to put himself to the ultimate mountain climbing test when he successfully climbed Mount Everest.

Zachary Zaitzeff enjoys spending time with his family, panting, and mountain climbing. As fun as it is to get lost in creativity or physical activity, Zachary Zaitzeff is also a professional businessman. A former financial professional in New York, Zachary Zaitzeff switched industries after September 11, 2001 to the food industry. It was with hope, determination, and a lot of hard work and diligence that Zachary Zaitzeff opened his own burger restaurant. It has been more than ten years now that Zachary Zaitzeff has operated his organic burger restaurant called Zaitzeff Burgers in New York City.

Organic Eating Supported by Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff owns a successful burger restaurant in the heart of New York City. As a former successful finance professional, Zachary Zaitzeff knew the strategic importance of researching his consumer base before developing a business plan and starting his company. Over a decade ago, Zachary Zaitzeff decided he would open up an organic burger restaurant, a chance that would ultimately pay off, even in a declining economy.

Zachary Zaitzeff decided to open an organic restaurant at a time when organic dining was just starting to take off. Eating healthy has always been important to Zachary Zaitzeff. As a family man, he values the benefits of healthy eating. New Yorkers value eating healthy and organically grown foods too, which is one of the reasons Zachary Zaitzeff’s burger restaurant has performed remarkably for the past decade.

Increasingly, people have been turning to organic food. Despite its increased cost, Zachary Zaitzeff believes the extra cost is well worth the heath benefit. To eat organic means to eat foods without synthetic fertilizer or other growing conditions people find unappetizing. Zachary Zaitzeff supported organic foods before opening his restaurant and since then, has been a proud supporter of organically grown foods. By buying organic produce and organic meat for his restaurant, Zachary Zaitzeff supports the organic growers and farmers both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Zachary Zaitzeff is proud to be part of the organic movement. His restaurant supplies customers with some of the best tasting burgers in New York City and customers have the benefit of eating organic. Since founding his organic burger restaurant, a number of other organic restaurants have popped up around New York City and across the United States. Zachary Zaitzeff provides New Yorkers with delicious organic burgers but now organic foods can be found across the food spectrum. Zachary Zaitzeff encourage organic eating at home and when eating out.

Zachary Zaitzeff Presents New York Sightseeing Destinations

Zachary Zaitzeff has lived and worked in New York City for many years now. He started in the financial district, where he saw a lot of success. However, ten years ago, Zachary Zaitzeff decided to follow his dreams of becoming a restaurateur. Today, he owns two successful hamburger restaurants. They have become the local favorite, and he is grateful and humbled by the success he has experienced. He loves the city of New York a great deal. Below, Zachary Zaitzeff would like to share a few of his favorite sightseeing destinations in New York.

The Frick Collection

Zachary Zaitzeff says that one of the things that New York is known for is their many art exhibits. One of the best art exhibits to see, according to Zachary Zaitzeff, is the Frick Collection. It is a small and intimate art gallery located in a gorgeous mansion on 5th Avenue. Zachary Zaitzeff says that it features the art of Henry Clay Frick, who was a late 19th and early 20th century artist.

West Village

Zachary Zaitzeff says that the West Village neighborhood was originally built in the 19th century, and it has changed little since. Zachary Zaitzeff advises that you take a stroll throughout the neighborhood for great food, bars, and more. It is a quiet neighborhood in New York, which might just be the break you need from the hustle and bustle of the downtown. The neighborhood is perfect for a romantic evening with that special someone, or for the entire family.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Zachary Zaitzeff says that if you do not visit at least one pizza place while in New York, you are going to miss out. He recommends visiting Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, as it produces great pies. Additionally, Zachary Zaitzeff says that you will get a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline while you are there as well.

Making the Perfect Burger with Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff has had a lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. For years, he worked in the financial industry, and he enjoyed his work a great deal. However, after a few years of working in that industry, Zachary Zaitzeff decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a restaurateur. Today, he owns two successful hamburger restaurants, Zaitzeff Burgers, with his family. Below, he wishes to describe how to make the perfect burger, in hopes that he will be able to inspire others in making great food for their hometowns.

Zachary Zaitzeff knew that many people thought that opening a hamburger restaurant in the heart of the city was a bad idea because of the simple fact that there are many burger joints in the area. However, Zachary Zaitzeff knew that he was setting out to do something unique with the burger concept, and he knew that it would be worth the risk if it meant bringing his fellow New Yorkers an amazing hamburger.

Zachary Zaitzeff decided to create a burger joint for the 21st century by using nothing but the freshest free-range and organic ingredients. One such ingredient is the grass-fed beef used to make the perfect burger. The beef comes from cooperative farmers that keep their cattle in a free-range environment. Zachary Zaitzeff also makes sure to use the freshest ingredients in his other food items as well, but he knows that his burgers are the centerpiece to each meal he serves to New Yorkers.

Zachary Zaitzeff gathered the best ingredients for his burgers, but he did not stop there. He thought long and hard about how to make the perfect burger. Today, Zachary Zaitzeff makes sure that each burger is made to order for maximum customer satisfaction. Zachary Zaitzeff is grateful to all New Yorkers for supporting his restaurant, and he is happy to be living out his dream.

Zachary Zaitzeff Tips for Mountaineering

Zachary Zaitzeff has a lot of interesting and diverse hobbies and specialties. He lives in New York, where he is the owner of two successful hamburger restaurants. In addition to that, he is an artist who has had his paintings in New York art galleries. Beyond that, Zachary Zaitzeff is also an accomplished mountaineer. Zachary Zaitzeff has successfully climbed several mountains including Mount McKinley and Mount Everest.

Zachary Zaitzeff says that if you wish to have a successful climb, you need to make sure to develop a detailed plan. Zachary Zaitzeff believes that an exciting mountain climb begins on the drawing board. He recommends that you consult with someone who knows about climbing before you take that first step to the top of the mountain.

Zachary Zaitzeff says that it is important to ask certain questions in order to find out what your best options are for a successful and safe climb. Make sure to ask yourself how much money you are willing to spend. In addition, Zachary Zaitzeff says to ask yourself how much time you will be able to devote to the climb. Finally, ask yourself if you are willing to travel to an area where there are not as many support services as you might be comfortable with otherwise.

Zachary Zaitzeff knows from experience that you should answer these questions if you wish to give yourself the best climbing experience possible. Zachary Zaitzeff hopes that the above information will be of great use to you and your climb. He knows just how dangerous any climb can be, but he also does not want to discourage anyone from pursuing his or her dreams of mountain climbing. Zachary Zaitzeff hopes that he helped you understand that climbing a mountain can be the experience of a lifetime, as long as you do it properly.

Finding Success in Business with Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff is a successful professional and entrepreneur. Today, he lives in New York and he runs two successful hamburger restaurants. Before his entrepreneurial career, Zachary Zaitzeff was a professional in the finance industry. Zachary Zaitzeff worked incredibly hard to earn the success he did while in the finance field. Below, he wishes to share a few tips that he hopes any professional will be able to use to increase their success.

Learn about your industry. Zachary Zaitzeff says it is beneficial for you to learn everything you can about the industry that you work in. Zachary Zaitzeff says that employers will be impressed with your depth of knowledge, and you might find yourself getting ahead because of it. You may also find that coworkers will begin to use you as a resource. Once this occurs, your employer may start to look at you as someone capable of managing an entire team.

Dedicate yourself to the company. Zachary Zaitzeff says that employers are looking for people to dedicate themselves to the success of the company. Zachary Zaitzeff says that by dedicating yourself to the company, you will have your employers looking your way. It is important to show your employers that you care, as this will show that you are in it for the long haul, instead of simply waiting around for a better employment opportunity to come around.

Be a team player. Zachary Zaitzeff says that if you wish to get further as a professional, it is important to realize that your coworkers probably are too. Zachary Zaitzeff says that by working with your coworkers as a team, you will be able to further your success by helping each other.

Zachary Zaitzeff hopes that you will be able to use his tips to increase your professional success and climb the corporate ladder.

Zachary Zaitzeff: Finance Success Tips

Today, Zachary Zaitzeff runs two successful restaurants in the heart of New York City. Zachary Zaitzeff is the owner and operator of Zaitzeff Burgers. His restaurant has become incredibly popular due to its use of only the finest organic ingredients and grass-fed beef. Before running his restaurant, Zachary Zaitzeff was known as a finance industry professional. He worked in the city’s financial district for many years before becoming an entrepreneur. He uses his knowledge of finance to help him in running his restaurant. Below, Zachary Zaitzeff would like to share a few financial planning tips.

Do not spend more than what you take in. Zachary Zaitzeff says that one of his most important tips is to spend your income wisely. Do not spend more than what you are taking in by using up all of your credit. Zachary Zaitzeff says to develop some money-saving habits, and live within your means.

Follow a budget. Zachary Zaitzeff says that it is helpful to create a budget for your daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly use. Zachary Zaitzeff says that creating a budget will help you plan your spending, which should also allow you to see exactly what you can save every month.

Pay down any credit debt. Zachary Zaitzeff says that if you have collected a large amount of credit card debt, it is important to start paying it down. Zachary Zaitzeff says that it is best to pay it off as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you will be paying a lot more in interest.

Develop financial goals. Zachary Zaitzeff says that there are things we all want in life that cost money. In order to purchase those items wisely, Zachary Zaitzeff says it is wise to create a financial goal to save towards.

Zachary Zaitzeff hopes that you will be able to use these tips to develop better financial habits.

How to Run a Successful Restaurant with Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff lives in New York City with his incredibly family. For the last ten years, Zachary Zaitzeff has been running his successful organic restaurant, Zaitzeff Burgers, which serves delicious hamburgers. Zachary Zaitzeff is grateful for all of the success that he has seen since he opened his restaurant ten years ago. He will always be grateful for the support that he has received from his family and customers. Below, Zachary Zaitzeff wishes to provide a few tips that he hopes will help those seeking to launch their own restaurants.

Knowledge is a resource. Zachary Zaitzeff says that your own knowledge is an invaluable resource when attempting to launch your own restaurant. Zachary Zaitzeff says that it is important to learn about all of the areas of the restaurant business. Learn about cooking, running a bar, waiting tables, and running any other areas of the restaurant. This allows you to understand what it takes to run these areas properly.

Stay as fresh as the food you serve. Zachary Zaitzeff says that it is important to stay updated as to the latest restaurant trends. This allows you to keep your menu fresh and lively. Zachary Zaitzeff says it can also give you an insight as to where to take your business next.

Choose the right location. Zachary Zaitzeff says that you should also make sure to choose a good spot for your restaurant. Make sure it has good foot traffic to attract customers. Zachary Zaitzeff says that having a restaurant in a location that is not ideal will lead to decreased sales, and the possibility that the restaurant will not succeed.

Zachary Zaitzeff hopes that you will find these tips helpful when you attempt to launch your own restaurant. He hopes that the information above will be the perfect starting point for your endeavors.

Zachary Zaitzeff: A Restaurant Success Story

Zachary Zaitzeff is a man with a lot to celebrate in his life. He has a wonderful and loving family. He was successful for many years in the finance industry in New York. Beyond that, for the last ten years he has been successful in his own entrepreneurial attempt as well. Ten years ago, Zachary Zaitzeff and his family launched their own hamburger restaurant, Zaitzeff.

Zachary Zaitzeff decided that it was time for him to do something to aid the city of New York. He opened his restaurant after the attack of September 11, of 2001. He felt that starting a new business at the time would show just how much confidence that New Yorkers still had about their beloved city. Zachary Zaitzeff also felt that he would be able to help restore a part of the city in his own way.

Today, Zachary Zaitzeff runs his hamburger restaurant with the help of his family. It has become a local favorite, which is a fact that Zachary Zaitzeff will be eternally grateful for. When Zachary Zaitzeff started his business, many people felt it was a bad idea because the city already had many burger restaurants.

Zachary Zaitzeff had a plan for that, as the restaurant he opened would serve only the finest organic food products, such as grass-fed beef. Today, New Yorkers love eating at Zachary Zaitzeff’s hamburger restaurant. They may have to pay a little extra, but Zachary Zaitzeff says that his customers know that every cent goes into the increased quality of their burgers.

He has seen so much success with his restaurant that Zachary Zaitzeff has also had the fortune of opening a second Zaitzeff Burgers restaurant. He is excited to be expanding his brand. At the same time, he is pleased that so many people want to try his burgers.

Zachary Zaitzeff Can Help You Open Your Own Restaurant

Zachary Zaitzeff believes that owning a restaurant can be a rewarding and fulfilling career for anyone. Still, Zachary Zaitzeff recognizes that breaking into the restaurant industry can be difficult for people who have no prior restaurant experience. For that reason, Zachary Zaitzeff is here to offer some advice for anyone who is considering a new career in the restaurant industry.

· First and foremost, Zachary Zaitzeff recommends that everyone enter the restaurant industry if and only if they feel as though they have a solid support system behind them. While this does not necessarily mean that you should find investors or other financial backers, Zachary Zaitzeff notes that it does help to have additional financial backing.

· Zachary Zaitzeff also suggests that you surround yourself with people who are knowledgeable in the industry. Although Zachary Zaitzeff had no prior industry experience prior to opening his award winning restaurant, he knew well enough to surround himself with the best minds in the industry in order to guarantee his restaurant’s success.

· Additionally, Zachary Zaitzeff believes that you should only open a restaurant in a cuisine about which they are passionate. For example, Zachary Zaitzeff is passionate about the classic American burger and, as a result, his restaurant has been a great success. If he had attempted to open a Chinese restaurant, he may not have experienced the same levels of success.

Zachary Zaitzeff wholeheartedly believes that anyone can open and operate a successful restaurant in they have the right support system, a great idea, and the common sense to seek out help from the best professionals in the industry. If you have been on the fence about whether or not opening a restaurant is the right career choice for you, Zachary Zaitzeff strongly encourages you to do the research you need to make the right decision.

Zachary Zaitzeff Has Tips for Restaurant Ownership

Zachary Zaitzeff has not always been a restaurant owner. Still, Zachary Zaitzeff has made a name for himself in the city of New York for being a master restaurateur. Zachary Zaitzeff owns one of the top burger restaurants in the country and locals and tourists both enjoy eating at his restaurant when they are in New York.

Zachary Zaitzeff understands that the restaurant industry can be a difficult one, but believes that it is a great career option for people who are willing to put in the time and effort. If you have been thinking about opening a restaurant for fun and profit, heed this advice from Zachary Zaitzeff:

1. Understand what you are getting into. Zachary Zaitzeff says that many people underestimate just how difficult it will be to open a restaurant, especially if they have no prior restaurant experience. This is why Zachary Zaitzeff recommends that all hopeful restaurant owners meet with a more experienced restaurateur in order to flesh out ideas.

2. Accept assistance and advice from qualified individuals. Zachary Zaitzeff says that one of his biggest challenges as a new restaurant owner was determining which advice to follow and which to discard. Still, Zachary Zaitzeff believes that people should listen to good advice when it is given to them.

3. Prepare for challenges. Zachary Zaitzeff says that many people underestimate the sheer number of challenges that will come their way as a new restaurant owner. However, Zachary Zaitzeff believes that if you are willing to stay the course, you will find your experience as a restaurant owner to be rewarding.

Zachary Zaitzeff knows that it can be difficult to break into the restaurant industry, especially if you have no prior restaurant experience. Still, Zachary Zaitzeff honestly thinks that if you are willing to be creative and tenacious, you will be able to have a long and successful career as a restaurant owner.

Following Your Dreams with Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff did not always believe in following his dreams. In his earlier years, Zachary Zaitzeff was a happy member of the financial services industry. Although it was certainly a lucrative position, Zachary Zaitzeff still felt as though he was missing out on the satisfaction that comes along with following one’s dreams.

After the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001, Zachary Zaitzeff realized that there was no time left to lose and that he ought to immediately begin following his dreams.

For Zachary Zaitzeff, following his dreams meant opening a burger restaurant in the heart of New York City. Of course, Zachary Zaitzeff fully intended to make his restaurant the best and greatest burger restaurant in all of New York. Thus far, Zachary Zaitzeff has been very successful.

Although not everyone can expect to immediately become as big of a success as Zachary Zaitzeff is, he does has some advice for people who want to abandon the unfulfilling life in favor of following their dreams:

· Be tenacious. Following your dreams often means that you will have to face a number of challenges. Still, if you hope to truly follow your dreams, you will be able to stay the course, no matter what.

· Accept support from your friends, but understand that not everyone will understand why you are doing what you are doing. Zachary Zaitzeff says that many of his closest friends and associates did not understand why he would leave a lucrative career in finance in favor of a less stable one in the restaurant industry. What is important, says Zachary Zaitzeff is to take their support as they offer it, or risk losing certain relationships.

· Believe in yourself. Zachary Zaitzeff says the most important thing to do when you are in pursuit of your dream is to believe in your ability to make it happen.

Zachary Zaitzeff on the Impact 9/11 Had on New York

Zachary Zaitzeff was on the frontlines of New York City on the worst day in its history. Prior to the deadly terrorist attacks of September 11 2001, Zachary Zaitzeff enjoyed a lucrative career in the financial services sector. After the tragic events of that particular Tuesday, Zachary Zaitzeff realized that the city that he loved would never be the same.

Zachary Zaitzeff says that when it comes to examining the impact of September 11 on the city of New York, there is no possible way to quantify the devastation. Literally everything changed in New York City. Not only was the skyline decimated from what it once was, the entire population was irrevocably changed.

If one had to pinpoint the most noticeable change, Zachary Zaitzeff would contend that it is the shift in the people’s mindset. Whereas before the attacks, the average New Yorker honestly believed that they could go about their business without fear, these days, most New Yorkers struggle with the fear that, at any moment, something terrible could happen to them.

Psychologists and other medical professionals believe that this reaction is a common one. In fact, most populations that have dealt with a major catastrophe also must contend with a type of community post traumatic stress disorder that governs their every move. Zachary Zaitzeff has even noticed that, among his friends, family and colleagues, there does seem to be a deep sense of foreboding that pervades over most of their everyday actions.

Still, Zachary Zaitzeff is confident that the city of New York is well on the way to its return to providence. In fact, Zachary Zaitzeff believes that his beloved city is better today than it ever has been. Despite the fact that the city of New York was victimized by one of the most horrific acts of terrorism in the history of the world, it is still a great place to be.

Zachary Zaitzeff on Restaurant Etiquette

Zachary Zaitzeff has seen a lot in his years living and working in New York City. In fact, for the past decade, Zachary Zaitzeff has owned and operated a family run burger restaurant in the heart of the city. As a result, Zachary Zaitzeff is something of an expert on what appropriate restaurant etiquette is and he has some advice for anyone who is need of a few pointers.

1. First and foremost, Zachary Zaitzeff encourages all prospective restaurant patrons to do a little research about the type of restaurant at which they will be dining. Each and every restaurant is different and, as a result, the etiquette required at each restaurant will be different.

2. Once you determine the level of finery at the restaurant, Zachary Zaitzeff says that it will be easier for you to determine the level of etiquette required from the restaurant. For example, Zachary Zaitzeff says that if you are going to be dining a more casual restaurant, you should be able to bring your children and dine in casual clothing. If, on the other hand, you are planning to eat at a more formal establishment, it may be more advisable for you to leave your children at home and dress a little bit nicer.

3. Remember your service industry professionals. Zachary Zaitzeff says that many people forget to be polite to their wait staff when they are dining out on vacation. Even though you may feel entitled to quick and efficient service, regardless of the circumstances, Zachary Zaitzeff would like to remind you all to be polite to your servers and tip them as a reflection of how well they have served you.

Zachary Zaitzeff knows that restaurant etiquette can be a touchy subject for many people because they are not familiar with the process. Still, Zachary Zaitzeff thinks that you will have a wonderful time at your next restaurant visit if you are prepared with the proper etiquette.

Community Involvement with Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff has developed quite the reputation for himself as someone who is involved with his community at every level. From his restaurant in the heart of New York City to his charitable and philanthropic involvement on a smaller scale, Zachary Zaitzeff believes that community involvement is a worthy enterprise for any American, at any stage of life.

Although Zachary Zaitzeff was first called to community involvement in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, he believes that you need not wait for a national catastrophe to get involved with their community. In fact, Zachary Zaitzeff recommends that you start small with basic acts of community involvement.

If you have been looking for new and reasonable ways to become more involved with your community, take this advice from Zachary Zaitzeff:

· Start small! Zachary Zaitzeff wholeheartedly believes that any act of charitable or philanthropic involvement is a good one, which is why he recommends that each and every one of you find small and manageable ways to become more involved with the community. Whether that means donating a bag of clothes or unused household items for a local charity or volunteering a small amount of time each month, any small effort can have a huge effect on your community.

· Donate time if you have more money. Zachary Zaitzeff is quick to note that most community involvement organizations are more interested in the amount of time you can give to a given cause, as opposed to the amount of money. This is why he recommends that you donate as much time as you possibly can to a charitable or philanthropic organization of your choice.

· Donate money if you have no time. Of course, Zachary Zaitzeff knows that many people do not have the time to donate to charitable organizations. This is why he is quick to remind everyone that charitable organizations always appreciate cash donations of any size.

Why New York is the Greatest City with Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff is one of those rare patriots that so firmly believes that the city of New York is the greatest city on the face of the planet that he is willing to tell anyone that he encounters that that is what he believes. Although Zachary Zaitzeff has always been a fan of New York City, it is only in the past decade that he truly committed himself to representing New York City in everything that he does.

Zachary Zaitzeff realized that he needed to stand up and represent New York after the tragic events of September 11 2001. Prior to the attack, Zachary Zaitzeff was working at as a successful member of the financial services sector. Though he enjoyed the benefits provided to him by that position, Zachary Zaitzeff long felt as though something was missing in his life.

When New York City was attacked by terrorists, Zachary Zaitzeff realized what he had to do. After realizing that his major calling in life would be to support the city of New York as it rebuilt from this horrible tragedy, Zachary Zaitzeff quit his lucrative job in financial services and threw himself entirely into the economic rebuilding of the city. While others would stand by quietly, Zachary Zaitzeff opened a restaurant in the heart of the city. Zachary Zaitzeff pledged this restaurant to the economic progress of the city. All ingredients are local and all profits are invested back in the New York economy.

Zachary Zaitzeff believes that patriotism is a duty to which all Americans are bound. To that end, Zachary Zaitzeff wholeheartedly believes that each and every American should do what they can to support their country in times of war and peace. Whether that means becoming more involved in charities or even just being more thoughtful in your business decisions, Zachary Zaitzeff encourages everyone to be as patriotic as possible.

Zachary Zaitzeff Helps You Pack for Your Next Big Climb

Zachary Zaitzeff knows what it is like to have a passion for a hobby that requires an immense amount of planning as well as a great deal of free time and expendable income. When Zachary Zaitzeff needs to get out of the city and relax, he prefers to go mountain climbing.

Climbing Mountains

Zachary Zaitzeff knows that going on a mountain climbing expedition requires a great deal of prior planning. After you have gone through the process of planning your trip and the expedition it will include, it is time to begin packing. As Zachary Zaitzeff and many others know, packing for a mountain climbing expedition requires a ton of planning a good amount of disposable income.

If you are planning a mountain climbing expedition, take this advice from Zachary Zaitzeff, so that you can be appropriately prepared for your adventure:

· Pack your equipment and make sure that it has been inspected. Zachary Zaitzeff underscores that it is incredibly important to get all of your equipment inspected prior to departing on your adventure. If your equipment is faulty, there could be deadly consequences.

· Consider the climate and pack your clothing accordingly. Zachary Zaitzeff advises everyone to consider the climate and likely weather at their destination. Zachary Zaitzeff also recommends that you plan to layer clothing and change it multiple times throughout each day.

· Think about your food, water and medical supplies. Zachary Zaitzeff cautions that many countries do not have the same food, water and medical amenities to which you are accustomed here in the United States. For that reason, you should plan to pack your own food and medical supplies and bring the proper equipment to make any water that you may encounter safe to consume.

Remember to have fun! Zachary Zaitzeff knows that many people get so caught up in the planning process that they forget to enjoy their trip.

The Importance of Patriotism with Zachary Zaitzeff

New York City may just be the most patriotic city on the face of the earth. If not on earth, than New York City is certainly across the United States of America. Zachary Zaitzeff knows better than most how important one’s patriotism is, especially in times of strife.

Zachary Zaitzeff was a successful member of the financial services sector for most of the early stages of career. Though he enjoyed a great deal of success in that profession, he long felt as though something was missing from his life. When the nation was attacked by terrorists on the eleventh of September 2001, Zachary Zaitzeff realized that his true calling in life was to support New York’s economy in any way he could.

To do that, Zachary Zaitzeff decided to open a restaurant. Although it might seem like an unconventional choice, Zachary Zaitzeff believed that his business sense and intuition about what the average person wants in a burger dining experience would allow him to craft the perfect dining experience for his customers, both tourist and local alike.

Although it may seem like an unconventional way to present his patriotism, Zachary Zaitzeff does believe that his restaurant is a great expression of his patriotic sentiments. By running a local and organic restaurant, Zachary Zaitzeff directly supports the economy of the state and city of New York. By feeding the people who live and work in the city of New York, Zachary Zaitzeff is showing the people how much he cares about them and their needs.

Zachary Zaitzeff believes that patriotism is a civic duty required of every American. This is why he has dedicated his personal life and professional career to supporting the city of New York in its hour of need. Zachary Zaitzeff hopes that his restaurant can help heal the city of New York’s wounds.

Best Burgers by Zachary Zaitzeff

If you want to taste the best burgers in New York City, then go check out Zaitzeff. Owned by Zachary Zaitzeff, the restaurant has high ratings on Zagat and Yelp. It was also listed as one of the 100 Best Places to Eat in New York City by New York Magazine in 2004. But what is really interesting is the story behind why Zachary Zaitzeff decided to open his restaurant.

Zachary Zaitzeff decided to open his family-run restaurant because he wanted to give back to his community after the September 11 attacks. He opened to burger shop in New York’s financial district in 2003 because he wanted to be a part of the rebuilding process. Giving back to his community is very important to Zachary Zaitzeff, and being part of that rebuilding process was the best way he could think of to help.

Zachary Zaitzeff’s place is always ranked as one of the best burger joints in New York City. The restaurant uses only local, organic and grass-fed beef because Zaitzeff workers never want to compromise the quality of their burgers. The beef is fresh as well as hormone and antibiotic free. Zachary Zaitzeff is very proud of his restaurant and only wants to serve the best to his fellow New Yorkers.

But Zaitzeff is not only burgers. Zachary Zaitzeff wanted to make sure he can cater to all people. The restaurant also serves sandwiches and salads as well as a variety of side dishes. Zachary Zaitzeff also makes it very easy to order. You can do it right online on the restaurant’s website. You can also learn more about Zachary Zaitzeff and the restaurant on the website.

So if you are looking for great burgers, then you need to head to the restaurant named for Zachary Zaitzeff and see why it has been rated as some of the top burgers in the city.

Zachary Zaitzeff: Self-taught Painter

Zachary Zaitzeff is a self-taught painter who has had his own one-man show in Soho. Zachary Zaitzeff was born and raised in New York City and currently lives in the West Village. Zachary Zaitzeff worked in finance on Wall Street for six years. But ever since he was a young child, Zachary Zaitzeff has been interested in painting, drawing, clay sculpture and woodworking. That passion finally led Zachary Zaitzeff away from Wall Street and into a life of painting. His paintings include vibrant colors and texture.

But Zachary Zaitzeff is not only an artist; he also is an adventurer. He summated Mount McKinley in Alaska back in 2009. He also summated Mount Everest for the Nepal side in May 2011. His love for the outdoors and risk taking is brought to life through his abstract painting and mixed media on large canvasses.

You can find the works of Zachary Zaitzeff in multiple places online. One place to find him is on his website dedicated to his artwork. There you will see samples of works including flowers, landscapes, still life and abstracts. Listings of openings for Zachary Zaitzeff are also on the website. Zachary Zaitzeff also has a Facebook page. On his page, you will learn even more about Zachary Zaitzeff including his likes and favorite books and music.

Another interesting thing about Zachary Zaitzeff is that he is an entrepreneur. He started his own burger joint called Zaitzeff. The restaurant is famous in New York for its burgers but also sells sandwiches and salads. You can even order online. You can check out Zachary Zaitzeff’s restaurant, Zaitzeff at its website online. You will see why it is highly rated in Zagat and was rated one of the 100 best places to eat in New York City by New York Magazine in 2004.

Zachary Zaitzeff on Buying Local

As the owner of a small, family-owned and operated restaurant, Zaitzeff Burgers, Zachary Zaitzeff supports other local businesses by purchasing locally grown food for the ingredients in his dishes. Zachary Zaitzeff also uses organic ingredients and grass-fed beef in his burgers. Why should you buy local? Zachary Zaitzeff provides the following reasons.

Good Taste: Simply put, locally grown food tastes better. Local food is always fresh because it is delivered quickly and in smaller quantities. When produce has to travel a long distance, it can be days old before it reaches the grocery store, where it often sits on the shelf for an extended period of time. In addition, produce that has to travel a long distance is full of preservatives that enhance appearance but detract from quality. Local food also arrives more often and in smaller quantities, meaning it tends to be fresh daily and does not sit on the shelf for long.

Good For You: Local food is better for you because it retains more nutrients. Local food is also more often organic, adding health benefits. Local, organic food does not have harmful pesticides or other chemicals. It is also free of genetic modifications, which can be a health risk.

Good For Everyone: Buying locally is good for the economy and the environment, affecting everyone on the planet. Local food purchases support small, local farms, which are becoming more and more rare. Buying locally provides the farmer with the full retail price of food, sustaining them and motivating more people to return to the farming industry, which is quickly dwindling due to low wages. Buying locally also benefits the environment because local, family farms generally use farming practices that are better for the land, water, and air. They do not use pesticides or other products that can contaminate drinking water and the air. By buying locally, you are sustaining the farmers and the planet.

Family Man: Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff is a proud family man. Zachary Zaitzeff is the owner of Zaitzeff Burgers, which has been family-owned and operated since it was opened in 2003. While running a restaurant with one’s family may seem daunting, Zachary Zaitzeff enjoys working with his family on a daily basis to provide customers with excellent service and quality food. With the following tips from Zachary Zaitzeff, you too can make your family business a success.

· Find Your Role: The most important first step in operating a family business is to clearly define everyone’s role at work. You may co-own the restaurant, but everyone needs to take on specific jobs in order to make sure that everything gets done, all customers are served, and each individual is held accountable for a specific task or section.

· Discuss Money: Money can be an awkward subject to discuss with those you are close to, especially when it comes to co-owning a business. Zachary Zaitzeff’s main advice is simply to make a habit of discussing money seriously yet fairly. Be conscious of the opinions of other family members on how money should be divided, spent, and saved.

· Communicate: Above all, communication is key to any working or family relationship. When combining the two, be sure to set rules about what can and cannot be discussed in the work place. Personal family problems or tensions should not be brought into the workplace. They can easily lead to unprofessional conduct, awkwardness, and even lost customers if the situation gets out of control. Setting guidelines will be a huge benefit, even if your family has never had a conflict. Furthermore, communication should be frequent, respectful, and clear. Letting small problems slide will eventually build up to larger frustrations. Discuss any issues at hand, but remember to be respectful of others’ opinions and clearly state your own.

Zachary Zaitzeff, Lover of Jazz Music

Zachary Zaitzeff, owner of Zaitzeff Burgers and local artist, is also a fan of jazz music. Zachary Zaitzeff’s favorite musicians include Chet Baker, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Nina Simone. Zachary Zaitzeff often listens to jazz music when painting to find inspiration. The improvisational style of jazz music perfectly complements Zachary Zaitzeff’s abstract style of painting. Although Zachary Zaitzeff is not a musician, he finds jazz music particularly inspiring and artistic in form.

Jazz music originated in the early 1900s within African American communities in the southern United States, and it remained in mainstream popularity from the 1920s to the 1970s. The roots of this style lie in African music combined with European harmony and form, as well as an incorporation of American popular music. Typical jazz instruments include the piano, drums, saxophone, bass guitar, electric guitar, tuba, and trombone. Jazz relies heavily on brass instruments combined with typical string instruments and percussion, often incorporating wind instruments as well.

There are many different sub-categories within the style of jazz. Two of Zachary Zaitzeff’s favorite musicians, Miles Davis and Chet Baker, are considered a part of “cool jazz.” Cool jazz arose following World War II, and it is characterized by a relaxed tempo and lighter tone than bebop, the style of jazz that preceded cool jazz. Dizzy Gillespie, another artist that Zachary Zaitzeff admires, is considered to have been a part of the bebop movement, which is faster in tempo and utilizes more improvisation in terms of harmony and melody than cool jazz.

Improvisation is also central to the jazz style of music. No other style relies so heavily on in-the-moment musical composition, making jazz music a highly creative form. Skilled jazz performers will interpret the same tune in individual ways, often never playing the same composition in exactly the same manner more than once. For Zachary Zaitzeff, this unique aspect of jazz inspires him to experiment with new colors and forms in his own painting.

Giving to Charity: Zachary Zaitzeff

Restaurant owner, artist, and mountain climber Zachary Zaitzeff is also a benevolent donor to charity. Zachary Zaitzeff regularly donates to a charity that supplies clean water to children in need. Zachary Zaitzeff has also sponsored mountaineers with the goal of helping others to experience the same sense of accomplishment he has felt when reaching the summit. Zachary Zaitzeff provides the following tips on how to choose a charity to support and why donating is important.

· Choose a Charity that Aligns With Your Interests: Zachary Zaitzeff supports a charitable organization that provides clean water to children because he cares about the accessibility of food and water as a restaurant owner. In addition, Zachary Zaitzeff has sponsored mountain climbers because of his own passion for mountain climbing. Choose a charity that also reflects what you are passionate about. This will make you feel strongly about continuing your support and potentially getting more involved in the organization.

· Make an Annual Donation: Signing up to make an annual donation makes donating to charity simple. It also helps retain your commitment to donating by creating an opt-out rather than opt-in situation. If you are already signed up to donate each year, it is unlikely that you will cancel, choose not to, or forget to make your donation.

Furthermore, annual donations create a long-term connection between you and the charity. If you are a business owner, this connection could lead to collaboration that will both aid the charity and bring in more business.

· Donate Because it is the Right Thing: Zachary Zaitzeff donates to charity because he believes it is the right thing to do. Helping others in need is something that will improve lives and make you feel good in doing so. Particularly for small business owners, being a known donor to charity also improves your reputation and will draw customers to your business because they too feel good about supporting a business that helps others.

Zachary Zaitzeff, Small Business Owner

Zachary Zaitzeff is the owner of Zaitzeff Burgers, a small business in the heart of New York City. Zaitzeff Burgers has locations in the Financial District and the Murray Hill-East Midtown area of Manhattan. Both branches of Zachary Zaitzeff’s restaurant are family-owned and operated. As a small business owner in a busy city, Zachary Zaitzeff has acquired a vast knowledge of ways to improve your small business.

· Set Goals: Setting goals is the number one way to improve your small business simply because setting reasonable goals generally leads to achieving said goals. Set goals that are high yet still attainable. Next, brainstorm strategies of how to achieve those goals. Consult with your co-workers and staff on what they believe will be the most effective ways of achieving your goals. Finally, implement those strategies and pay attention to the results. If you need to, re-work the strategy and try again. Do not get discouraged by uncontrollable circumstances – work toward change that is within your reach.

· Use Effective Marketing: Effective marketing can go a long way for a small business. While big corporations have the advantage of a recognizable and successful brand, small businesses will remain unknown without effective marketing strategies. Advertise and build a brand for yourself that will be spread through word of mouth by satisfied, loyal customers. However, do not waste time with excessive marketing that ends up unsuccessful. Do your research and prepare before beginning an advertising campaign.

· Find What Works: Find the best practices for your small business. Making small changes to improve efficiency, motivate your staff, and save money add up to a much larger improvement for your business financially. All companies have ways of accomplishing tasks and functioning on a daily basis that are most effective, and as a small business owner, it is your responsibility to locate and implement those best practices.

Zachary Zaitzeff’s Connections to Wall Street

Prior to opening his hamburger restaurant, Zaitzeff Burgers, Zachary Zaitzeff was an employee in the finance industry on Wall Street for six years. In the wake of the September 11th attacks, Wall Street was heavily impacted by the great losses that occurred at the World Trade Center. 9/11 caused a prolonged closure of the New York Stock Exchange, only the third to occur in history. Furthermore, the 9/11 attacks caused the loss of about 430,000 jobs and $2.8 billion in wages in New York City. Small businesses were especially affected in Lower Manhattan, near the site of the World Trade Center. This heavy economic impact had a massive effect on New York City and its inhabitants.

In 2003, Zachary Zaitzeff decided to open a new small business in the Financial District: Zaitzeff Burgers. Zachary Zaitzeff chose this location, so recently devastated by 9/11, in an effort to help rebuild the area after the attacks. Zachary Zaitzeff believed that opening a small, family-owned and operated restaurant would be beneficial to the economy of Manhattan as well as the area, which was in dire need of rebuilding and a sense of security.

Zachary Zaitzeff has continued to make Zaitzeff Burgers a widely popular hamburger restaurant, with rave reviews from food critics and customers alike. Zaitzeff Burgers has been ranked among the 100 Best Places to Eat In New York City and the Best Burgers in NYC. Zaitzeff Burgers is known for its local food, organic ingredients, and prime grass-fed beef. Furthermore, Zachary Zaitzeff found Zaitzeff Burgers profitable enough to open a second branch in the Murray Hill-East Midtown area. Zachary Zaitzeff has proven himself to be a successful small business owner in the wake of the September 11th attacks that so heavily impacted him as an employee on Wall Street and a New York City native and resident.

Zachary Zaitzeff on How to Get Rave Reviews

Zachary Zaitzeff, owner of Zaitzeff Burgers in New York City, has achieved great success as a restaurant owner. Zaitzeff Burgers found itself a spot in New York Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Eat In New York City list in 2004, just one year after it opened. Zaitzeff Burgers is also regularly ranked as one of the best burgers in NYC, and the restaurant receives rave reviews on various user-based websites such as Yelp. Zachary Zaitzeff provides the following tips on how to achieve rave reviews from your customers.

· Quality Food: At a restaurant, quality food goes a long way. Providing quality food will almost automatically get you positive reviews. To achieve excellence in food production, remember that ingredients and presentation matter in equal parts. Zachary Zaitzeff finds that using local, organic ingredients makes a huge difference at Zaitzeff Burgers. Customers can tell that Zaitzeff Burgers uses grass-fed beef by its superior flavor and tenderness. In addition, the way you present your food improves initial judgment, which can influence the way customers perceive the taste of your food.

· Customer Service: Just as important as quality food is quality customer service. Customer service can make or break a Yelp review. Was a server rude or inattentive to customer needs? Negative review. Did the server have a friendly demeanor and provide excellent service? A positive review is sure to follow. Make sure to train your staff in the number one rule: the customer is always right.

· Positive Atmosphere: A positive atmosphere is the third key to success and rave reviews of your restaurant. Of greatest importance is the cleanliness of your restaurant. The space should not only be clean, it should appear clean and put-together in terms of organization and decoration, down to the smallest of details. Additionally, providing a relaxing ambience with lighting and music will give customers an enjoyable experience at your restaurant.

Showing Your Art in a Gallery: Zachary Zaitzeff

A restaurant owner in New York City, Zachary Zaitzeff is also an emerging local artist. Zachary Zaitzeff is a painter specializing in the abstract style, which he taught himself. Zachary Zaitzeff primarily paints flowers, landscapes, still lifes, and other abstract paintings using mixed media. Zachary Zaitzeff recently showed his art at the Broome Street Art Gallery, located in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. With these tips from Zachary Zaitzeff, other emerging artists can also work their way up to their first gallery showing.

Visit Galleries: Visiting galleries in your area is the first step to showing. By visiting a gallery, you can get a sense of their style and see if it fits with your art. You can also meet those who are in a position of power at the gallery and form a relationship that will hopefully lead to an invitation to show your pieces. In addition, visiting a gallery will give you the opportunity to meet other artists who show there and ask their advice about obtaining a gallery show.

Be Distinctive: The most important aspect of your work, which any gallery will want to see, is that you are unique. Galleries do not want to show work that is too similar to a previous artist. They are searching to find diverse artists who create art in new and innovative ways that will draw in customers. When seeking an opportunity to show your work, be sure to focus the conversation on how your work is unique.

Create an Online Portfolio: Creating an online portfolio will provide gallery owners with easy access to your work. Zachary Zaitzeff has an online portfolio on his website, The simple title for Zachary Zaitzeff’s website, using just his name, provides gallery owners with a link to his portfolio that is easy to remember. It is therefore more likely that they will visit Zachary Zaitzeff’s website and see his work.

Zachary Zaitzeff on Sustainability

Zachary Zaitzeff is a restaurant owner who is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. Zachary Zaitzeff is a University of Vermont alumnus, a school that is famous for on-campus sustainability initiatives. In addition, Zachary Zaitzeff’s restaurant, Zaitzeff Burgers, promotes sustainability and environmentalism by using locally grown food, organic products, and grass-fed beef in their world famous hamburgers. Zachary Zaitzeff recommends adopting a sustainable lifestyle to preserve the environment.

Grow Your Own Food: Having even just a small garden goes a long way toward living a sustainable life. You can grown certain items in pots in your home, such as beans, peas, tomatoes, and herbs. If you have a backyard with viable land, you can even plant a full vegetable garden. Growing your own food reduces waste. It is also good for the environment and provides you with healthy food that you can grow organically and free of chemicals.

Save Water: Saving water is one of the most important aspects of the sustainability movement. Drinking water is becoming a scarce resource on Earth, despite the fact that most of us have constant access to unlimited water. Simple ways to conserve water are taking shorter showers, fixing leaks, and using the dishwasher only for full loads.

Recycle: Of course, the staple of the green movement is recycling. Recycling is paramount to preserving the planet. Most towns and cities provide recycling pick-up. Another incentive to recycle is the money you can get back for your bottles and cans at redemption centers.

Get a Bicycle: Getting a bicycle is a great travel option if you live close enough to your place of work. It will save you money on gas as well as saving the environment from pollution. Bicycling to work is a great way to work exercise into your day, and exercise will also wake you up and prepare you for a full day at work.