The Green Revolution

by Miika Jarvela

What is it?

It is a movement happening in various countries that started in 1943. Its leader was Norman Borlaug (AKA the "Father of the Green Revolution). He sparked this movement in Mexico, where he spread many of his ideas on agriculture to the farmers there. There are many scientific and economic reasons as to why this idea is good. These will all be discussed below. The main thing to be discussed are the genetically modified organisms that came as a result of this revolution.

Why is it Good?

The Green Revolution is a great concept with several pros. The most important advantage of the movement is the genetically modified organisms. Borlaug's idea was to first modify the grains (wheat, barley, etc.) so that they benefit the environment that they are in. If the crops are in an area that is low on protein, then they can be modified to produce more of these proteins. The main reason for modification was to make shorter wheat plants. Basically, these shorter wheat plants allowed the crops to be higher yielding, and they were less prone to insects, disease, etc.

Farmers will also have a significant increase in their yield. They will be able to make a much higher profit. With this higher profit, their living conditions can increase. Therefore, the Green Revolution really just improves the overall quality of life within an area. It can save millions of people from starving. It can provide thousands of jobs for individuals in the country. Finally, it can also maximize the amount of crops per area of arable land. As a result, this revolution increases the sustainability of the crops by not wasting any space available.

Does it Even Work?

India was suffering from the Bengal Famine in 1943. This famine caused hunger for millions of people within India. It was a result of people reducing their priority for food. They were not able to have enough food ever. Finally, once the Green Revolution hit India, though, their wheat production increased dramatically. India turned from a poverty-stricken, poor country into a food exporter with respect from several different nations.

Any country can be the same as India. The Green Revolution is the solution to the world's hunger problem. It has its limits, but those do not make all of the benefits bad. Therefore, implementing this system would greatly increase global quality of life, especially in third world countries.