Take Care Chignahuapan

/\/\/\/\ TAKE CARE OF THE WORLD /\/\/\/\

All have an obligation to care for our world

In the city there is a problem Chignahuapan about garbage that is not deposited properly in place, if we were all responsible for depositing the waste in place this problem would not exist without however we do not, you need to make prevention plans depositing waste in place and promote a good image in the city of Chignahuapan.

Dare To Make The Change

Cambia TU Mundo (Corto Animado)

No more Chignahuapan pollution!

Our activities are detrimental to the environment and use the car, burning objects, pulling products no longer serve us, burning, among other things in our lives we must implement a new way of living while preserving the environment it is time to make the change.