Battle of Verdun

By: Gabryela and Sergio

Date and place

Dates:21 February – 20 December 1916

(9 months, 3 weeks and 6 days)

Place:Région Fortifiée de Verdun (RFV)Verdun-sur-Meuse, France

Verdun is in France


Summury:German General Erich von Falkenhayn developed a battle plan for attackingVerdun, France, a city protected by a ring of underground forts.

Begun in mid-February 1916, and ending in December, the battle of Verdunsymbolized for the French the strength and fortitude of their armed forces andthe solidarity of the entire nation.

After a few short weeks, the battle took on a life of its own, with small groupsof men on both sides fighting local battles in constant struggle for their lives,and protection of the territory they occupied.

Verdun is still considered by many military historians as the 'greatest' and mostdemanding battle in history.

In the end, the front lines were nearly the same as when the battles startedwhile over 300,000 French and Germans were killed and over 750,000 werewounded

Well known people who fought in the Verdun battle


# of Troops on side:

French- 1,140,000 soldiers in c. 75–85 divisions

German- 1,250,000 soldiers in c. 50 divisions

well known people in the battle: Noël Édouard Marie Joseph, Vicomte de Curières de Castelnau/A french general in War World 1. He helped organize the initial defense at the Battle of Verdun

Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany/ Was the last Crown Prince of the German Empire.

# of people that died: on the French 156,000/ on the German side 143,00

Allies: German defensive positions on the Somme River in northern France

Central Powers: Germans

Who won the Battle? The French

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Technology used in Verdun battle

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Verdun, the best-known town in the world after Paris, provides the way in to the battlefields of the Meuse.

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You have a variety of tours like the most popular the "Tour of the battlefields".

And you also have the walk of the "forest of history" and "Verdun 1914-1918

Times to visit

The best time to visit this cite is from June to August, when the weather is just about perfect . Average highs are in the mid 70s and there are long days of sunshine.

places to stay

  • The hotel de montaylbain

  • Hotel de Montaulbain

Places to eat

  • Aux Delices du Maroc

  • Anna Maria

Directions to Verdun from Paris

2 Hours and 25 min. away from each other.
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