The Angora Bunny

All the information over this special bunny!

Basic information

The Angora bunny is a special bunny. He look very crazy! (more of that look in the next part). Actually is the Angora bunny a normal bunny. He does the same things as a normal bunny, but they look different. Their weight is 4 KG. Their lifespan is about 7-12 years. You have to care very good for the Angora bunny. You need to cut the hair of the bunny because if they have to much hair they can't eat and breathe. If you want that the bunny's have very long hair, but you also want that they can eat and breathe you have to cut only the hair by the mouth and eyes. They are very cute!

Photo's from the Angora bunny

The look of the Angora bunny

The Angora bunny look as a big soft toy bunny. They have a lot of hair! They have very soft wool. They can have every colors, but the most bunny's have white fur. Some of this bunny's look like a poodle, but some you don't see because they have to much fur.

Angora wool

The wool of the bunny is so soft! People use it to make clothes! They shave the hair of the bunny and make clothes. The make wool to crochet. It needs to stop! They have a very sensitive skin and when you shave the hair it hurts very much. Then they died.

The history of the Angora bunny

People want Angora wool. That's wy the people want to breed bunny's. Now it's a special bunny. They look very sweet!

Nice facts about the Angora bunny

  • There are 4 types of the Angora bunny's: English, French, Giant and Satin.
  • Angora bunny's need to eat a lot of hay.
  • Their here won't fall out on its own.
  • Angora bunny's are very active and playful.
  • The bunny's have sometimes very long hair.
  • It is the oldest bunny breed.
  • They have a very sensitive skin.
  • Their wool is soften then cashmere.
  • There is a world record with the longest hair of a Angora bunny.
  • They eat the same thinks as a normal bunny or rabbit.
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