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GHS Library News - April 2022

Disappearing Text in Google Docs? Here's How to Fix It!

A significant number of students are experiencing an issue with their Google Doc not loading or the text not appearing while typing. They can always visit us between the hours of 8 am and 3:30 pm in the Library for help with any technology problem but here's the fix for this particular issue if your student is experiencing the issue in class.

  • Click on the three dots in the top right on the Chrome screen
  • Chose Settings
  • Click on Advanced on the lefthand side of the screen
  • Click on Reset and Clean Up
  • Click on Restore Settings to Their Original Defaults
  • Click on the blue button that states Reset Settings

Now return to the document, which should prompt the student to log back into Docs. If not prompted, refresh the document. If this doesn't work, please send the student to the GHS Library for further help.

Sora: Accessing Audio and E-Books

What is Sora? It's an app that allows teachers and students to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the GHS Library collection (similar to the Overdrive and Libby apps if you have used those in the past). Setup is simple - install the Sora app on your device and then click on Greenwich High School. Here's how to login:

Student login:

UN: first.last

PW: fl######### (first initial last initial 9 digit ID)

Teacher login:

UN: School GMail

PW: 6 digit ID# (the one on our pay statements)

Here's what you and students can do with the Sora app:

  • Read e-books and listen to audiobooks on any device (phones, Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, desktops).
  • Borrow and open books from the GPS e-collection with one tap.
  • See your notes and highlights at any time, or export them to PDF, CSV, or Google Drive.
  • Earn badges by reading books and using the app features.
  • See how many books you've read, your total reading time, and more.
  • Browse, search, and borrow books from Greenwich Library or your public library.

Reminder - submissions for the Second Annual GHS Film Festival are due May 5

The second annual GHS Film Festival will be held May 2022! The festival is accepting films from a range of categories such as creative short pieces, news segments, documentaries, and free form (videos that don't fit those categories: example PSA's). Only school-appropriate films will be considered. Max 10GB per file upload. Students may submit as many films as they want to any of the available categories. Scan the QR Code to the right for more info.


There will be a total of eight winners, two from each category.

Food for Thought

8 Science-Backed Reasons to Read a (Real) Book: Bookworms can see some serious perks to their health and happiness. Want to really reap the benefits of reading? Reach for an old-fashioned, printed book.

Some good advice here for those of us who spend too much time on our phones (guilty as charged!): I’m Addicted to My Phone. How Can I Cut Back?

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The GPS Library Media Program empowers all learners to read widely, think critically, and become innovative, responsible citizens who are passionately engaged in our changing world.