Weller Weekly

November 16-20

What's up at Weller?

Monday (11-16)
  • Pipkin visits 5th grade (9:30-10:30)
  • K-2 French Club (3:45-4:45)

Tuesday (11-17)

  • Trudi's Kids Here
  • Dr. D out of building (8:00--9:45)
  • iMoms (8:00-8:40)
  • Dr. D out of building (12:45--3:15)
  • Goal Teams meet in Computer Lab (3:50)

Wednesday (11-18)

  • Trudi's Kids Here
  • TST Meetings
  • Parents as Teachers Story Time
  • ELP Tutoring (3:35-5:15)

Thursday (11-19)

  • Trudi's Kids Here
  • Dr. D out of building (a.m.)
  • 4th Grade Field Trip (8:50-2:45)
  • K/1 Ballet (3:35-4:30)
  • ELP Tutoring (3:35-5:15)

Friday (11-20)

  • Trudi's Kids Here
  • Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration (9:00-9:30)

Coming Up...

  • Nov. 23: French Club
  • Nov. 25-17: NO SCHOOL
  • Dec. 6: Weller Family Holiday Party

Gotta know it...

  • Thanks for your generosity to the Springfield Public Schools Foundation and/or the United Way...AND thank you Linda for being our champion! A few more commitments came in and our Pay-it-Forward campaign raised $1399!

  • It was fun making Gratitude Soup on Friday! As kids write something they are grateful for each day this week for our GRATITUDE EXPERIMENT, watch to see if they become more thankful. Please give me names of students who can share their journal on gratitude for Friday's Panther PRIDE Celebration.

  • Many of you know Becky Brown, one of the famous Bridges teachers (along with Amy and Pam.) Becky's husband had surgery on Tuesday and is recovering well. Our social committee sent Becky a card and a gift. She and her husband were blown away and send their thanks. Please thank our social committee for caring for our Weller family so well.

  • Thank you to those who have given me copies of you mid-quarter reports. These are not required this quarter because of conferences.

  • I'm going to begin challenging myself to get you the Weller Weekly by Friday morning. This week you'll receive the Weller Weekly on Thursday (probably at 11:59 p.m.!) There will be a weekly link entitled FRIDAY FEEDBACK in the newsletter where you can give feedback for each week.

  • On December 7th I would like to meet with those of you who would like to look at your Growth Plan and give me mid-year feedback. I'll send a link for you to sign-up for a meeting time. This is not required but it will not impact you planning time. We'll have someone cover your class during the time you sign-up for.

  • Please read the article 4 Things I Learned in Spin Class About Personalized Learning by our Tuesday Goal Team Meeting. (I'll put a paper copy in your box.)

  • Lexia and Dreambox (or ALEX until Dec. 17th) are great tools for personalized learning. The district suggests each student should work on Lexia about 40 minutes each week. (The time varies depending on age and proficiency.) While I know it's difficult with few devices, each student should be on Lexia regularly on a weekly basis. Let me know if I can problem solve with you to help you make this happen!
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