Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 9


  • Born in the Romantic Period
  • Born on July 7, 1860
  • Died in Vienna 1911
  • Born in the Czech Republic
  • Lived in the Bohemian village of Kalište
  • Studied at the Vienna Conservatory from 1875 - 1878
  • Son of an Austrian Jewish tavern keeper
  • Grew up with lots of tension between parents
  • Musical talent was recognized from the age of 4
  • Lots of racial tension
  • Gave out lots of tasks


  • Created 9 symphonies and died while completing his 10th
  • His music wasn't recognized until 50 years after his death
  • At the age of 37 he became the director of the Vienna Court Opera (1897)
  • In 1909 he became conductor of the Metropolitan Opera in New York

The Music

  • The 9th symphony was the last symphony completed by Gustav Mahler
  • Began working on the symphony in 1909
  • Played by an orchestra
  • The song is slow but powerful
  • No common use

Deutsche Grammophon

Gustavo Dudamel: Mahler's Symphony No.9 in D, 4. Adagio by Deutsche Grammophon


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