Child Protective Services

RMS Protocols 2019-2020

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Keeping Our Students Safe: Top Priority

Now that we are a couple of weeks into the school year, I want to take a moment to acclimate you to how we place CPS (Child Protective Services) phone calls. It can be uncomfortable to place these calls. We understand and acknowledge how placing CPS calls can make us feel. BUT, calls sometimes have to be placed when we know that something has happened to one of our young people.

Please remember: The Counseling Department will provide you a confidential and safe place to make these calls. We will also be an active participant to help you with these protocols.

What do you do when you suspect a case of Child Abuse or Neglect?

  • Don't go into Panic mode or into an uncomfortable emotional state. Listen to them, make some notes if you have to, let them know everything is going to be OK but that you also have to speak to other adults in the building.

  • Let your Administrator know that there is a situation that may warrant a CPS call.

  • Include your grade level Counselor into the email. If you place a call to the administrator, they will more than likely going to communicate with the counseling team.

  • Officer Zamora should also be included in conversations when the school is calling CPS. A brief email to him is ideal--counselors can help you communicate with all the parties necessary. Many times our SRO may not be an active interviewer for every case. However, there may be severe cases of abuse and neglect that he may need to be part of from the initial state.

  • After you have communicated with administration and you have the GREEN LIGHT to make the call, you can use one of the counselor's office to make the call.
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What is the phone number?

The following is straight from the Regulation 771

"Each school employee who has reason to suspect child abuse or neglect must immediately report (within 24 hours) such suspected child abuse or neglect to the CPS Intake Unit of the local DSS by telephone (703.792.4200 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) upon learning of any instance(s) of suspected abuse/neglect.

If the local DSS is unavailable, the information may be reported to the state hotline (1.800.522.7096).

    1. The Virginia Hotlines are:
      • In Virginia: (800) 552-7096
      • Out-of-state: (804) 786-8536

After Making the Call: Need to fill out the following information.

Regulation 771-1 Child Abuse Neglect and Reporting Procedures

Reflective Counseling Director Advise

Be Calm and be patient when the student is disclosing to you. Take notes if necessary. Let them know that they are in a safe place, we are here to help them. Explain to them that you have to let other adults in the building know, but everything will stay confidential. Remember, the counseling team is trained, prepared and available to help you, and to help your student during a crisis. Follow the protocols and communicate with the student services team. We will support you and guide you!