Steven Spielberg

By Matthew Whitwell

Life Brief

Steven Spielberg was born and raised in Cincinatti, Ohio on December 18, 1947. His parents are Arnold Spielberg and Leah Posner. He has three sisters, Nacy, Anne, and Sue. He attended the California State University at Long Beach. He was married to Kate Capshaw, and then he married Amy Irving. His children are Sasha, Max, Destry, Theo, Sawyer, and Mikeala.


I chose the Backround picture because it has a camera in it. Steven Spielberg is a famous film writer and director. "In 1960, Steven's mother gave his father an eight-millimeter Zodak camera for Father's Day." (Meachum 14) This was when he first started to get into filming. He would use his fathers camera to film home movies.

3 Significant facts

  • Steven Spielberg is Jewish. This played a big role in his childhood. When he was little, he moved houses a lot and wanted to fit in with the other kids. When he filmed movies and became popular that way, it helped him fit in.
  • He is known as one of the most successful film directors of all time. He has written and directed many movies and short films, but some still don't believe he is a good director. "Despite Spielberg's reputation as the most successful filmmaker in history, many in the movie industry shrugged off his work as lacking in substance." (Meachum 92).
  • Steven Spielberg has been filming almost his whole life. He won his first award for a short film at the young age of 13. He continued to pursue his dream even after he was discouraged either by moving, having people say they didn't like his short films, and not being able to find a willing producer to give him a chance at directing.


Steven Spielberg has the reputation of the most successful director in history. At the age of 21 he was the youngest film director at that time. Some film makers thought he was an amateur film writer, so he proved them wrong by writing the movie Schindlers list. It was a movie that took place at a Jewish concentration camp during the holocost. It won an Oscar for best film. "Despite Spielberg's reputation as the most successful filmmaker in history..." (Meachum 92).


Though he ended up as one of the most famous directors of all time, he had some struggles with getting his career started. When he was in collage, he had trouble getting companies to watch his films and hear his ideas. It wasn't until Chuck Silvers, a universal studios director, watched one of his movies and sent it to the head of universal studios. He was then offered a seven year contract. But even after that some producers underestimated his talent for filming, "...many in the movie industry shrugged off his work as lacking in substance." (Meachum 92).


His father was a wonderful mentor. When his father was given a camera for Father's Day by his mother, he let Steven use it to film home movies. His work is what took them close to universal studios where he got his first contract. He would participate in what ever scene Steven had planned, and he would occasionally help Steven build scenes for his movies. "...[He] was granted permission to become the official family photographer." (Meachum 14).


Steven Spielberg has won two Oscar awards.he was awarded one for best director for Schindler's list, and was awarded another for best picture, which was also schindlers list.
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A good symbol for Steven Spielberg would be a simple film camera. He is known as a famous film writer and director for movies such as Indiana Jones, Schindler's list, Jurrasic Park, etc. his fame and career is based entirely around a camera. "Despite Spielberg's reputation as the most successful filmmaker in history..." (Meachum 92).

Friend or Foe

I would like to think that Steven Spielberg would be my friend. He seems to be a vary nice person, and he is very good at what he does. I'm not exactly what you would call a "director" but I have filmed several things for my sister using a professional camera. I feel that by doing this project and knowing more about him would help with becoming a friend of Steven Spielberg.

Most Like

Steven Spielberg makes me think of my oldest sister. She loves working with a camera and filming various things. She has made several videos for our church and loves filming in her free time. She now works for her collage, UNT, where she helps the film crew with filming sports games. She is a very nice person, and as I said earlier, I feel that Steven Spielberg is a very nice person. My sister plans to continue her career in filming and maybe even become a film director.


I think Steven Spielberg would be an altruist. I believe that most film writers and director would be altruists because their job is to entertain and please the public. It's in their job description to create movies that everyone will enjoy. As I keep saying, Steven Spielberg doesn't seem like the person to put himself befor others.


Steven Spielberg has what every famous person needs: A supportive family. I find that it would be very difficult to pursue your career without the support of your family. Steven's family supported him from the very beginning. They bought him a camera, helped him build scenes for his movies, and even starred in his home made movies.

Practice Makes Perfect

Steven Spielberg has been practicing filming since a very young age. I feel that this is the reason that he is such a great film writer and director.he won his first short film contest at the age of 13. If he was that good at that age, then no wonder he is such a good director even after about 65 years. I think that if you can decide your career at a young age and start practicing early, it will make the future a lot easier.


Steven Spielbergs hobby is, of course, filming. He has been filming ever since he was about 13. In his free time he would get his friends and family together and make a short film.