Parent Newsletter

Macdonald Drive Junior High, September 2019

Dates to Remember

  • September 10 - Coaches' Meeting in Library at 7pm
  • September 11 - Duke of Edinburgh meeting for parents and students in the library at 7pm
  • September 19 - Picture Day
  • September 20 - Student Council Elections
  • September 26 - Curriculum Night for parents at 7pm - Bring granola bars to support the Breakfast Program
  • October 4 - MDJH Teacher PD - No school for students
  • October 11 - District PD - No school for students
  • October 18 - Walk to Breakfast

Welcome back!

New school year reminders

We want the best possible outcomes for our students, but that can only happen if they are here on time. Our doors open at 7:45 am and we start our homeroom period at 8:05 am. Late arrivals can be disruptive for classes, and students who are late can be stressed, feel rushed, and may not be ready to learn. Give them a chance to start the day right - arrive on time!

Attendance Matters

If a child in your household misses school, please contact the homeroom teacher, call the main office, and/or send a note to

Absent / Late

Please send an email or note to your child's homeroom teacher if your child is going to be absent or late. All students who come late are to check in at the office.

Forms to be returned

All students have been given a blank PowerSchool form, and a Network Access User Agreement and Media Consent form.

The PowerSchool forms are to ensure accurate contact information. We especially need accurate email addresses as this is our primary method of communication with parents.

The Network Access User Agreement forms need to be filled out before students are granted access to our network and are able to use the school computers. This is extremely important for students who are doing Tech this term as computer access is needed immediately for class, and many teachers will be starting to use Google Classroom very soon. The Media Consent form is for permission for images taken at school events and other student materials to be published on the school website, etc.

Please get these forms filled out and returned to the school as soon as possible.

PowerSchool Login

Keep up to date with student attendance and marks! If you need your PowerSchool password, please contact the main office at 753-8240.

Safety during Drop-off and Pick-up times

Due to congestion in the parking lot during commute times before and after school, we have instituted some policies to help ensure the safety of students and staff.

Please adhere to the following:

  • Before school and after school, students will use the Student Entrance EXCLUSIVELY.

  • When entering the parking lot, please note that there are TWO lanes off of Toronto Street.

    • The left lane, closest to the field, is to be used for Student Drop-off and Pick-up. Students MUST be dropped off at the Student Entrance. They cannot be dropped off at or use the Main Office Entrance.

    • The right lane that runs alongside the sidewalk is for Busses, Staff, and Special Transportation ONLY.

  • School Busses have the right of way at all times.

    • At 2:20 ALL traffic must stop in ALL directions to allow the busses to exit the parking lot.

    • Please do not pull out in front of a bus under any circumstance.

    • Please ensure you stop at the STOP sign (at the end of drop-off area) to allow busses the right of way.

  • Cars coming off of Macdonald Drive onto Toronto Street and those coming down Toronto Street. in the opposite direction should use the “zipper method” and allow one car at a time from each direction to enter the lanes. Busses still have the right of way.

  • Once in the Drop-off lane in front of the school, cars should move as far forward as possible in a line all the way up to the STOP sign. This ensures that traffic is continuously moving, and alleviates a lot of the congestion on Toronto Street. Please do not stop directly in front of the door and let your child out.

  • Doors open at 7:45am. Dismissal is at 2:10pm. Parents are asked to park their vehicles in the parking lot for MDJH or MDE if they arrive before the doors open or before students are dismissed. Parents should NOT park and wait in front of the bus lane or across either of the two crosswalks. This causes a lot of congestion.

  • When exiting the Drop-off lane, please wait for the car in front of you to move before you pull out. Do NOT pull out around other vehicles once you have picked up or dropped off your child.

  • Other

    • During the school day, including recess and lunch, students MUST use the Main Office Entrance (the Student Entrance is locked at this time).

    • Students are to use the crosswalks, and NOT cross in between busses.

    • Students are NOT to walk along the median or wait on the median to be picked up.

    • Students who have medical reasons (ie. using crutches) may also use the bus lane around the building to the Main Office Entrance.

    • There is no right turn onto the parking lot after the Drop-off lane STOP Sign.

Let’s all work together to ensure that MDJH is a safe place to be! Thanks for your cooperation.

Cell Phones

In our quest to teach digital citizenship and to encourage digital responsibility, we encourage students not to bring their cellphones to class unless there is an activitiy that their teachers have designed requiring them. We understand that having students give up their cellphone completely may be an impossibility. So to offset the distraction that cellphones can cause when students need to be focused during class, phones are collected at the beginning of every class and given back at the end. If a student is caught with a cellphone during class it may be brought to the office for parents to collect.

Breakfast Program/Kids Eat Smart

We are hoping to have the Kids Eat Smart Breakfast Club up and running on Monday, October 1. Everyone is welcome! It is a great way to start your school day!

We are looking for volunteers to help with the KES breakfast club. If you would like to help with this program, please contact or

During Curriculum Night please bring peanut-free granola bars or cereal bars to support our Breakfast Club.

Walk to Breakfast for Kids Eat Smart

Thousands of children, teachers, parents, and volunteers will Walk to Breakfast this fall to raise awareness and money for our Kids Eat Smart Breakfast Club. This event will happen at our school on Friday, October 18.

Students will be asked to contribute $2 and will be given a nutritious breakfast. Every $1 raised is a meal for a child in our school. All money raised at MDJH goes directly to the KES Club in our school. TD, our long time sponsor of Walk to Breakfast, and our KES Team are proud to join our schools on this day!

On October 18, join the TD Walk to Breakfast at MDJH!

School Council

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Macdonald Drive Junior High School Council, please send a completed form to Ms. Pike.

Duke of Edinburgh

There will be a meeting on Wednesday, September 11, at 7pm in the school library for grade 9 students interested in participating in the Duke of Edinburgh program this year and parents. Both student and parent must attend this meeting.

Social Awareness Activities - Active-Wear Day and Pink Shirt Day

To encourage active living, on each Day 1, staff and students are encouraged to wear active-wear clothing to school.

On the last Friday of every month, we will be having Pink Shirt Day. Staff and students are encouraged to wear pink shirts to school to raise awareness of bullying and bring attention to the programs we run at school to help students.

MDJH Sports

Coaches Wanted!

There will be a meeting for anyone interested in coaching during the 2019/20 school year on Tuesday, September 10th at 7:00 pm in the library at Macdonald Drive Junior High School.

Student Council News

MDJH 2019-2020 Student Council Elections

Student Council elections for president and vice-president will be held Friday, September 20. Any student interested in running for the positions must see Madame Quann (room 221) or Madame Sauvé (room 222) for a nomination form.

Candidates should have strong leadership and communication skills. They should also demonstrate a good work ethic, respect for school policies and a commitment to student council activities. Meetings will be held the second half of lunch on Day 5. Students who are up for this commitment are encouraged to put their names forward.

Canadian Student Leadership Conference 2019

Seven students from MDJH will be attending the National Leadership Conference for Grades 9-12 students in Abbotsford, B.C. from September 24 - 29, 2019. This is a wonderful experience and provides opportunities for students to participate in leadership workshops and activities such as keynote speeches, leadership workshops, volunteer opportunities and cultural experiences. The theme this year is Empowering Inner Resources.

2018-2019 Yearbooks

The 2018-2019 yearbooks should arrive any day. When they arrive, we will distribute them to our current students and former students will be able to pickthem up after school hours. They will be dropped off to Gonzaga and Holy Heart for distribution a couple of weeks after they arrive.

Celebrate Student Successes

We want to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of the students of MDJH. We have a Wall of Celebration where we will place a Certificate of Acknowledgement highlighting participation and success in a variety of activities. We want to know if your child has participated in any plays, musicals, teams that have been successful, or has been recognized in any individual competition. We need your help with this. Please let us know so we can proudly display this on our wall. Please email with Celebrate YOUR CHILD’S NAME in the subject line.

Macdonald Drive Junior High

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