By. Caitlyn Bucklin

One day when I turned on the tv I decided to watch the news to catch up with what's happening around the world. They talked about crimes and ISIS and then they talked about ebola. It kind of freaked me out to hear what it does. It's kinda gross with all the nasty bubbly stuff that's on your face and body and how dangerous it is and how you can die so easy. From watching that I'm glad it's not around here well at least not yet. I can't even imagine the feeling to know you have ebola and are most likely going to die.

Living with Ebola

Ebola is a nasty virus found mostly in African countries. It's a rare and deadly disease that is only caused by infection. Ebola is a very bad disease that is very contagious and deadly. For example is someone in a car with someone and they cough or sneeze on someone they could get Ebola. Ebola is a disease that someone really would not want to get. It makes someone's skin all bubbly and gross and its so deadly. According to http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/about.html.
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As you can see in the picture above, they are picking up a person with Ebola. They are being very cautious to not touch them.
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In the chart above it shows what countrys that have Ebola.

What is life like with ebola

Life with Ebola is really hard. Someone needs to be there to take care of the person all the time. They also can't do anything by himself. It makes them feel hopeless. They have a high fever when they have Ebola, They're also puking a lot and they just feel like crap. They can't go anywhere also because they end up giving Ebola to other people, They also can't touch anyone or anything and they also can't cough on anyone or by anyone. I got this information from


How does Ebola spread to other people

Ebola spreads by someone sneezing or coughing on someone. Also if a needle touched someone with Ebola or went in their blood and then touches someone else they can get Ebola. If someone that has Ebola touches someone that don't have Ebola that person will get Ebola. If someone with Ebola touches something and then you go touch it you will get Ebola. Ebola spreads very easy. So they have to be careful with what you touch or what they're doing because it spreads very easy. I got this from http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/transmission/.

Last night when I turned on the news it was talking about Ebola again. I heard them say that there is now people trying to find a cure for Ebola. So let's hope they find a cure so then we won't have so many sick people or people dying.