In 1482..

Should or shouldn't we have a day off?

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue..

I personally think that Columbus day should be celebrated not abolished. To me, Columbus had many excellent traits about him that all Americans should have. He was an outstanding sea caption. He also knew that the world was not flat and he wanted to oppose that statement. Most importantly, he seeked the American coast and recorded his journey all the way there. He also, opened a route that can be sailed by himself and others for years and years. His discovery unveiled a new country which is now the United States of America.

Discoverer's day

Many people oppose Columbus day because they blame him for acts of genocide, suffering of people, and and the slave trade in the Western hemisphere. Christopher Columbus is a man who should be honored. Because if we did not have him there's a possibility that the United States would not be where it's at today. Everyone should be thankful that he discovered a great nation.